In this article I'll give you some basic information about the gastric balloon. Those pieces of information should be adequate for you to get a general idea about the mentioned procedure.

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What is the gastric balloon?

It is a medical procedure that should help one with loosing ones weight. The balloon is placed inside patients' stomach and then filled with liquid. It lies in the stomach for six months and after that period it is removed. The balloon doesn't contain any unique liquid or anything like that, just a saline solution. The balloons sole purpose is to fill its owners stomach. The balloon fills most of the room in the stomach, therefore one is feeling satiating.


The procedure of placing the balloon in the stomach

It is a non-surgical procedure. The balloon is inserted into the stomach through the mouth and then filled with liquid. The whole procedure is performed under sedation. It does not require a general anesthetic. This procedure is quite popular because of its simplicity and because it doesn't involve a surgery. Besides, it's completely reversible – after 6 months the balloon is being removed and everything goes back to normal. There is no need for an overnight stay in the hospital – if after about 1 hour after the procedure your condition is fine you are free to go home.


After the balloon insertion procedure

Although the procedure is fairly easy and non-invasive, the organism needs some time to get used to the balloon and to recover. For the first three days after this procedure one  is allowed only to drink liquids like water, milk or juices. After that one can start with semi-liquid food and proceed gradually to eating normal food. One can also suffer from a few conditions like diarrhea, nausea or vomiting in the first few days after the procedure. For the first week after the balloon insertion it's not advisable to attend any heavy physical activities. After a week ones organism should be comfortable with the balloon inside.


The six months with the balloon placed in the stomach

After the insertion of the balloon it'll be situated in the stomach for the next six months. After that you'll have to undergo a procedure of balloon removal. For that 6 months you'll most probably eat much less than normal (because your stomach is almost full due to the presence of the balloon). Eating less is a kind of a necessity because eating too much with the balloon inside can cause some major health issues. This time is also a period during which you should get used to the new dietary habits (after introducing them) and some exercising routines. Although the sole presence of the balloon will help you with losing a lot of excessive weight, this is not a sustainable model. You should change your dietary habits and exercising routines to maintain healthy life after the balloon removal. During those six months you should visit the doctor regularly to check whether everything is fine with your health.


How much weight will I lose?

This aspect strongly depends on dietary habits and exercising routines you'll follow during those six months. Following a sustainable diet prepared by a dietician and some exercising routines will definitely enhance the effect. Typical results vary between 10-20 kg (it also depends on the persons weight before the procedure).


Are the results sustainable?

This is probably the most important question of all. The answer is – it completely depends on the person that have undergone the procedure. If one has lost like 10 kilograms during those six months but isn't willing to follow a new dietary plan strictly, then one will soon regain those lost kilograms and get back to the previous weight. The gastric balloon is just a shortcut to losing a lot of weight in a period of only half a year. If one won't introduce new eating and exercising habits then in most cases one will regain all the lost kilograms in no time.



I hope you'll find this information regarding gastric balloon sufficient. It's just the basic info that should give you some general knowledge about this procedure. If you are interested in going through this procedure yourself, you should contact the nearest clinic that offers such service. You'll definitely get all the information about the topic you need there.