If you are considering this operation, then maybe take a minute or two to read this article about gastric bypass before and after, to help you with your decision making.

My friend and I have been friends for over 20 years, and I hated to see her fight and suffer with obesity and the health effects it had on her body. She had tried very hard, with diet and exercise and it just was not working for her. She became more and more depressed, and her health was deteriorating.

This is the before part of the saga. Due to her weight, she ended up on blood pressure medication, diabetes medication, cholesterol medication, and more. Plus the added side effects that can come along with drugs just made her feel even more depressed. The monthly bills for these meds was getting higher and higher, and she did not like that she had to take them, and blamed herself.


Finally after fighting her weight for so long, her and her doctor made the decision to have the surgery. This decision was not taken lightly, she was told all the risks of this operation. As with any operation that includes anesthetic, there are risks, but for the obese person these risks can be higher. She did some research on how it was done, her doctor sent her to a specialist who does this procedure, and then she made the decision to go ahead with this.

She had to have a lot of tests, to make sure her heart could stand this operation.

She also went and talked to others who had gone through with this and how they were with the operation before and after. She then made her decision to go a head with the gastric surgery.

It was decided that she would have the Roux en Y. The stomach is made much smaller, and will bypass part of the small intestine. This way she would consume less food because the feeling of full would hit immediately.. This is the most common form.

She had the bypass stomach surgery done, and recovered fairly quickly, and right away noticed the loss of appetite, but did not feel sick or anything. She said it was amazing, how quickly she would fill up, and she had to make every bite count as far as nutrition, so there is no room for empty calories.

So for the after  she gave me a list of pros and cons from her own experience with this operation.


Continuous Weight Loss

She lost a lot of weight right away, and is still losing. She said her appetite is not the same, and she makes every bite count for nutrition etc. She will sometimes actually forget to eat, and needs to remind herself to snack. Mini meals work best for her. She is not restricted in her food choices, but because she eats so little she has to make sure and get lots of protein.

Off Meds

As her body lost the weight, many of her blood levels also returned to normal, allowing her to come off of blood pressure meds, diabetes meds, and more. She gets her blood monitored as her weight drops to adjust meds or be taken right off them. This alone has made her feel much better, as side effects from meds can cause fatigue and bloating and more.


Her energy levels have done a huge turn. She is on the go all day, and at one time would have needed a nap, but no more! She is more energetic, which helps her with exercise and especially swimming, which works well for her. She is literally watching her body change for the better, and feels more in control.

Good Diet

She was an admitted carb junkie before this operation, and now has no interest in any. Her appetite for carbs has completely disappeared since the gastric bypass was done. She eats good wholesome foods now, as you need to make every bite count.

Mental Attitude

Her self esteem has totally changed for the better, she feels good about herself, and that she is accomplishing a goal. She looks forward to activities, where as before she would dread family gatherings or parties. She likes to shop, and because she feels good about herself, she is doing more exercise, and her outlook is so much better. She is literally watching her body change and feels more in control. Which of course helps the self esteem.

 If you are trying to decide what to do, and you have tried everything else to get your weight down, and your doctor is now suggesting this gastric bypass stomach surgery, then obviously you have to weigh up the pros and cons, but I can tell you that from my point of view as a friend. I was very apprehensive about her getting this operation, I thought it was dangerous.

We both live out of town and will meet once a month for coffee, and I can tell you, the difference in her physical appearance, her skin, her attitude, just everything is glowing more and more each month. It was the best thing she did for herself. She is still careful with what she eats, but she is not hungry for the most part. She exercises and her skin is just looks glowing.

Sure it would be nice if we didn't have to get surgical intervention, but there are times when this is a life saver. My friend truly believes this gastric bypass saved her life.

I look forward to seeing her each month as she changes. Just like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon, she starts a new life, she has a lot of living to do now

 If you notice, I did not list any cons. She couldn't come up with any, except, to get out your credit card because you are going to need new clothes!