Treating obese with gastric surgery

Weight loss surgery is treating the obese by modifying the gastrointestinal tract, and reducing what is consumed. Those that have not been able to meet their weight loss goals having bariatric surgery, sometimes is the answer. For those that haven't been able to show significant weight loss through a change in diet. Bariatric treatment lets you maintain a healthier body weight, giving a substantial weight loss. Bariatric surgery generally has success, although risks and side effects should be considered, its not for everyone.

Weight loss is attainable with dietary changes

When it is not you may consider a bariatric treatment, like gastric banding. About two-thirds of American women are overweight. There are many reasons why we gain weight, and it is often harder to lose once you have gained it. Some of the reasons for gaining weight are: diet, smoking, inactivity, medications and medical problems. Some factors increase your risk of being obese are genetics, family history, age and sex. Being obese is going to put you at risk for dangerous life threatening medical problems.

The goal is to attain a weight goal that you will be able to manage. Losing weight at a slower pace while making dietary changes will be more beneficial in the long run. One kind of bariatric surgery treatment is a device implanted called a laparoscopic adjustable gastric band. The gastric band is a silicone device that is inflatable and placed on the top portion of the stomach by laparoscopic surgery.

Gastric band surgerylap band

The Gastric banding can be removed, and the stomach will return to normal size. There is no cutting or stabling of the stomach, shorter recovery and hospital stay, adjusted without hospital stay, and fewer life threatening issues.

There has to be periodic adjustments or fills of the band using X-ray. You may be offered liquid foods, followed by mushy or light foods. Weight loss is attained at different levels. It is important to discuss diet and weight loss goals.

Gastric banding surgery can have an effect on your mental state. Being overweight, depression becomes an issue. Studies prove that after five years of having gastric surgery patients are less depressed. Overweight men and women suffering from sleep apnea showed it had a positive effect on the patients involved. There was less of being tired during the day, and the quality of work much better.

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