Keypad Deadbolt


Where to buy Gatehouse Locks:

Gatehouse locks are an brand of door and cabinet hardware exclusive to Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores.  Similar to the Kobalt brand of tools, Lowe’s developed the brand Gatehouse to offer their customers rock bottom prices on hardware that is usually overpriced.  You cannot find Gatehouse locks anywhere but Lowes and as a result they can offer the product at any price without fear of competition raising or lowering the price.  The Gatehouse locks brand is not limited to just home locks.  In fact you can find the Gatehouse name on many door hardware products such as bath hardware, cabinet hardware, fasteners, mailboxes, house letters, and window hardware.  

Cheap Door Locks:

You will discover that Gatehouse locks will usually cost a fraction of the price of Schlage door locks, or Baldwin door hardware.  For example, a decent Schlage Deadbolt Set might cost between $50 dollars and $100 dollars.  However, you can purchase a Gatehouse lock deadbolt for under $12 dollars.  This can be a great value for someone who cannot afford the more expensive brands, but that is not to say there are major disadvantages.  The primary disadvantage of cheap door locks is ironically their security.  

Cheap door locks like Gatehouse hardware are usually much easier for criminals to break into than expensive multi pin locks.  However even if a cheap lock is difficult to pick, it must also be made of strong enough materials to withstand being kicked in.  Gatehouse locks are made with less dense materials and therefore are less secure.  However, that is not to deter you from purchasing a cheap door lock.  In fact most statistics show that any lock at all will deter most burglars.  Called “opportunistic thieves” most criminals only take advantage of easy targets.  If a criminal is targeting you, there is almost no door lock no matter how expensive that can stop any thief.  

Duplicate Gatehouse Lock Keys:

Another potential disadvantage of Gatehouse locks is the fact that the blank replacement keys are proprietary and can only be purchased through Lowe’s.  Meaning, if you need a replacement key and Home Depot is closer or more convenient, you would be unable to get your key duplicated.  Some people find this to be unacceptable and therefore do not purchase door locks from Lowes, others take the cheap door lock at face value and accept the terms.

Whether you are looking for a cheap deadbolt or new house numbers, the Lowe’s Gateway brand can be a great value if you are aware of the benefits and disadvantages.  The best way to make sure your Gatehouse locks stay secure is to make sure they are put into a strong door in an area with adequate lighting.