Monumental Gateway to the West

Having Fun in the Midwest

It's Flat but It's Fun!

It's very popular here in St. Louis during the summertime.   St. Louis is notorious for its tourist coming to the Arch, one of the nation's landmarks.  The Arch stands over 600 feet over the Mississippi River.  You can take a ride via capsule elevator to the top of the Arch and look out over the city.  It's fascinating especially for those who have never done this.  Usually during the summer months there is entertainment on the Arch grounds once a month.  It the "A" thing to do when visiting the gateway city to the west.

The "Z" thing to do in St. Louis is to go to the zoo.  St. Louis has the #1 zoo in the country.  I'm not a zoo-goer so I don't know a lot about it except for this:  It causes MASSIVE traffic jams; free admission (please check before going, that information could have changed), there is a train available to get you from one side of the zoo to the other, I believe it costs; people come from other states nearby to take their kids to see the animals, there is plenty of parking but you wouldn't think so looking at the traffic.  It is a "must do" here in St. Louis if you have children.

Not too far from the zoo in the Forest Park, there is an art museum, tennis courts, bike trails, boat rides, golf course and across I-64/40, a science center with scientific movies in 3D, all of which are very neat things to do.  The Boat House in Forest Part has a really good brunch on Sundays.

Choose or pick which night life area casino you want to play your games.  There are 6 area casinos in St. Louis.

*  Near downtown/riverfront                             Lumiere Hotel and Casino

*  South of downtown                                          River City Casino

* North of downtown                                           Harrah's St. Louis

*St. Charles, Missouri                                          Ameristar Hotel and Casino

* Alton, Illinois                                                      Argosy's Alton Belle Casino

* East St. Louis, Illinois (downtown)                Casino Queen Hotel and Casino

See, there is plenty to do at night.  The restaurants and hotels downtown are plentiful.  The casinos have lots of good eats as well. 

Downtown St. Louis is actually rebuilding.  The horse and carriage buggy rides are popular.  There are dance clubs downtown, I'm just not sure of the names.

Historically, "The Hill" in south St. Louis is also enriched with Italian (authentic) eateries.  If you like Italian foods, you may want to google "the hill restaurants in St. Louis" and get your list.  All are good.  I've never had a bad meal on the hill.

Another "must" while in St. Louis is to visit Ted Drews creamery on Grand at Meramec.  You have never tasted yogurt like this.  It's yogurt but you would think it was some ice cream that God made himself.  OMGosh! It is wonderful stuff and you will thank me for telling you.

St. Louis, Missouri - home of baseball's               Cardinals and Albert Pujols

                                                     hockey's                  Blues

                                                     football's                 Rams

I don't have any statistics for any of these teams but I know they all have won championships in their sport. 

Famous people who were born here: Kevin Kline, Kimora Lee Simmons, Betty Grable, Josephine Baker, and others

If I had only one night and one day to spend here this is what I would do:  At night, I would lodge at the Four Seasons Hotel Downtown St. Louis (**** or *****) hotel with a extraordinary spa.  I would throw my bags in my room, hop in a cab to have dinner at Kemoll's (Italian, downtown, moderate price) one of my favorites, I would grab a cab back to the hotel and walk through the Lumiere Casino that's attached to the Four Season's Hotel.  Lumiere Casino has a hotel if the Four Seasons is too pricy.  I would get back to the hotel and enjoy the amenities there.  I would awake in the morning with plans to go inside the Arch, after breakfast at the hotel.  The breakfast is great at the Four Seasons.  For lunch, I would grab a cab from the Arch and take on any of the restaurants on Washington Street, grab a cab to Ted Drews, make it wait and get to the airport or on the road by 3 or 4pm.  That is a fun day in St. Louis.  I guess if you had little ones you could exchange the Arch for the zoo. 

Believe it or not St. Louis is one of those cities you can't see in 2 days.  Trust when I tell that the next time you come back you will want to try some of the other things I mentioned but you will definitely get back to Ted Drews. 

I hope this will at least get you started while you are in St. Louis.  Feel free to ask me any questions that you may have.  If I don't have the answer, I can find it for you.  Enjoy St. Louis.