Gator Golf


Gator Golf is easy to assemble. All that needs put together is the putters.

I like that the putters have a slider on them that allows you to keep track of who is winning. ( I also like the fact it only goes to four!)

The Putters are colored coordinated with the Golf balls.

The Gator's mouth IS big enough to let the balls in.

You can increase the difficulty as you need to by increasing the distance.


The ball has to go all the way through the Gator's mouth to th back where it is supposed to rest in a divot. Sometimes it is difficult to get the ball exaclty in the divot. If it does not go in there then sometimes it bounces back out.

The putters are supposed to fit in two holes on the Gator when in use. This does not work as the putters always falls down.

Full Review

Gator Golf

Gator Golf is a popular toy. If you are not familiar, Gator Golf is a golf game by Milton Bradley for little kids. It has two plastic putters and two plastic balls. The balls are both different colors and correspond to their putters. The object of the game is to putt the golf balls through the Gators mouth and to the back of the toy. The Gator's mouth opens wide as the ball passes though. You can make the game as tough or as easy as yo need to. You can either stand three feet form the Gator or three inches. On the putters there is an easy slide that keeps count of how many games you won. My son likes this feature and likes to keep count for me. ( Maybe this is why he always wins?) In any case Gator Golf is great fun.

This toy revieved an average of four out of five stars from 24 customer reivews on Parents love that this game helps their child learn how to count as well as improves their concentration. Parents also favor the fact that it is eay to assemble and it works well on low pile carpet.

In Closing

Gator Golf is a fun game. It is perfect for a rainy afternoon. Often me and my son set up Gator Golf in the kitchen. We like setting up our degree of difficulty. Sometimes we will try to bank the golf ball off the wall and sometimes we just try to make it in the Gator's mouth without the dog getting it! It is reasonably priced and you will have fun playing it.