Gay Pride MiamiCredit: mikianeThere are so many diverse cities, in Florida, that cater to gay travelers, each offering something different. Here are a few of the best places to visit...


Orlando's Gay Days is a multi-day attraction that should not be missed. With expos and vendors, trips to the local theme parks, and discounts on hotel stays, this is a great way to see Orlando with old friends while meeting new ones. This trip has pool parties for both men and women, planned events to clubs and live entertainment, and more. Don't forget to wear red.

Outside of Gay Days, Orlando has many gay friendly hotels, and a large selection of clubs, for men and women, to choose from. Being a big tourist town, Orlando's business owners are always welcoming, and there are many great restaurants in the theme parks, in the Dr. Phillips area, and the Winter Park area of Orlando. Although Orlando is not anywhere near the beach, they make up for it by having so much to do and see.


When in the Miami area, head over to South Beach, where the bodies are incredible. Definitely not for families, this area of Miami Beach has a vibrant night scene, a large assortment of chic shops and boutiques, a few luxury spas to pamper and treat yourself, and some really great restaurants. Everyone in the South Beach area of Miami is flamboyant, gay or straight, and everyone loves to show off their own unique styles. Try Lincoln Road, the heart and soul of South Beach.

Miami proper is a great place to visit because it is culturally diverse and everyone just strives to look good. With ballets, theaters, and museums, visiting Miami is an experience to remember.


Of all the Keys in Florida, Key West caters the most to the gay crowd. There is a thriving gay community there, with gay doctors, authors, hairstylists, artists, and more, all living and working together. Clubs and entertainment galore can be found here, and this diverse little area has a wonderful cultural past that influences its design and style today. Most likely, people visit Florida for the sun, and Key West has it. Surrounded by water, Key West is the perfect place for snorkeling, fishing, and jet skiing, or just catch up on your tan. There are several gay-friendly accommodations around the area, and the nightlife, just like the destination, is hot.

Florida is a wonderful place to get away and to rejuvenate. It is also a great place to meet new people, and enjoy life's little pleasures.