Star Wars: The Old Republic is still fairly new but many players have already reached the level cap and want to gear up their characters. PvP is one of the best ways to quickly gear up your character in SWTOR. If you have not already hit level 50, or are about to do so, you can start saving up commendations so that you can buy gear as soon as you hit the level cap. Start out by trading in Warzone Commendations (earned through pvp Warzones) for Mercenary Commendations. The cap for each of these commendations is 1000. You will want to have 1000 of each when you reach 50 if you have not already done so.

Once you reach level 50, the only way to obtain gear is through champion and battlemaster bags. The champion bags will contain centurion and champion commendations and occasionally champion gear. These are the bags that you will start out with when you reach level 50. The bags are unique so you can only buy 1 until you reach level 50 and can open the bag. There are a few ways you can obtain these bags. The PvP vendor next to the daily quest board sells these bags for 200 warzone and 200 mercenary commendations each. Earning 1000 of each of these commendations after buying 1 bag to hold on to will give you access to 6 champion bags when you reach level 50.

You can also earn the champion bags from daily and weekly pvp quests. Once you reach level 50, you will have daily and weekly Warzone quests, as well as daily and weekly Illum quests. The daily Warzone quests will require you to win 3 Warzones and the weekly will require you to win 9. The daily quests will reward you with 1 champion bag or 1 battlemaster bag and the weekly quests will give you 2 champion bags and your choice of 1 more champion bag or 1 battlemaster bag. The Illum quests will require you to kill enemies in Illum or mine nodes. This can be tedious if there are not enough people or too many people from your faction farming the nodes. Completing these daily and weekly quests will help you easily gear up your character in SWTOR. Be sure to continue trading in your warzone and mercenary commendations as often as possible for more champion bags.

The tiers are, Centurion, Champion and then Battlemaster. The Battlemaster bags can only be opened once you reach valor rank 60. Once you have the valor rank, start purchasing these bags so that you can obtain the best PvP gear available so far. You will still earn champion bags from weekly quests and turn ins if you have not obtained all of your centurion and champion gear.

Decide which spec you want to go with. Once you buy your PvP gear, you will not be able to trade it in for a different piece. You will not want to start buying different pieces of gear until you have earned your full champion or battlemaster set. Pick a spec and stick with it so that you are not replacing gear before you even have a full set. If you plan on PvPing, try to find a guild that runs daily and weekly quests. Having a good team is key to winning the level 50 pvp bracket warzones. Be sure to finish the daily and weekly quests as often as possible and you will be able to quickly and easily gear up your SWTOR character with a full set of PvP gear.