Gears of War 3 is the long awaited sequel to the 2008  game Gears of War 2. I did not know this, but the Gears of War game series is one of the most popular franchises in Xbox history! It has more than 30 Game of the Year awards that it has won, over 12 million games sold, New York Times best-selling novels, and an upcoming film! This franchise is nothing short of complete epic-ness. They even have their own line of toys! As of September of 2011, the Gears Of War franchise has grossed more than $1,000,000,000! Yes that is over one Billion dollars!

  In this Chapter of the Gears Of War saga you are once again Marcus Fenix, the grizzled war hero and leader of Delta Squad, shooting locus to your heart's content while the fate of humanity and the entire planet rests on your shoulders. This game is set 18 months after the second gears of war game ends. In the end of the second Gears Of War game, they use a  new weapon called the Hammer Strike in an attempt to destroy the locus. They ended up killing the majority of people on earth making the world in Gears Of War 3 what it is, A post apocalyptic wasteland, with the remainder of the population seething with contempt towards the COG (Collation Of Governments). This game has everything from a crazy huge leviathan enemy that eat's the ship you are on, to the small cat sized spider looking enemies called polyps. 

This game is awesome! Any game where you have a machine gun with a chainsaw attached to it is worth its weight in gold in my opinion. Graphically this game is nothing short of amazing. Of course, everything that moves ia an enemy and erupts into yellow slimy locus goo when shot. I also think they did a good job on the damage indicator,which shows up as the COG design on the screen, which gets brighter and more prevailing as you take more and more damage. I think it is a little busy for a small tv, and the post apocalyptic feel and colors make it a little more difficult to focus on and see then a lot of the other first person shooters out there now. One of the best features is the ability to have four people play through the campaign at one time. This makes for an amazingly fun game experience with almost infinite replay value.

  The campaign is epic, but I also have to mention the other modes of play. The multiplayer aspect of this game is huge. With an tens of thousands of people ready to play the different modes of online play every night, the online experience is never lacking. In Versus mode, you can team up with and play against other online players on multiplayer maps. The other gameplay modes are called Horde Mode and Beast Mode. Horde Mode is a standalone game mode where you set up a base as a human and defend it against hoards of monstrous enemies. It gets progressively harder with each new round as more and more enemies try to kill you in waves. This can become a four-hour survival mission! Beast Mode is a standalone game mode that is for people in a rush. You control some of the nastiest monsters in the game as you try to overtake the COG, but the name of the game is speed. Trying to finish Beast Mode as fast as you can is where the challenge lies.

  The controls are easy to master and are pretty basic. The left analog stick is for moving your character forwards, backwards, left and right. The right analog stick turns your character to look or turn his body up, down, left and right. The left trigger is to aim your selected weapon (move with the right analog stick) and the right trigger is to shoot your selected weapon. If your weapon is fully automatic you can just hold the trigger, but if it is a semi-auto like a pistol you have to pull the trigger for every shot. The left bumper button turns on objective mode, where the screen returns fuzzy and your objective is displayed with a star symbol pointing to it. The right bumper button is used for reloading your weapon when it is partially empty. I would add that it takes longer to reload with the right bumper button then it doesn't automatically when you run out of ammo, but it is still good for getting ready for the next action scene. The D-pad is used for changing weapons in the weapons menu, and works fairly quickly. Pressing the up, down, left and right direction on the D-pad access the weapon slots in the weapons menu. You have four weapons at a time to choose from which are grenades, a pistol, and two other weapons of your choice. I like using the Lancer and the Hammerburst rifle. Using the left analog stick and the "A" button, you can run to walls, cars and creates to take shelter from the onslaught of bullets, giving this game the "take cover" mentality, which means if you want to survive an enemy encounter you had better take cover. You can also shoot from cover as you peek around the objects as well, which I would say is one of the defining aspects of Gears Of War versus other fist person shooters. The "B" button is for your melee attack. It will kick and hit small enemies, and will activate the chainsaw on the lancer for a brutal attack on big enemies! The "X" button is used to open doors and pick up ammo and guns, and the Y button is pressed to see "items of interest" when things happen in action scenes in the game. You can also restart each individual chapter or reload the previous checkpoint in the pause menu, which is a cool feature.




There are four levels of difficulty for the campaign mode. These are casual, normal, hard-core and insane. I think the challenge level is right for each level of difficulty. With the casual setting it is fun and just challenging enough to make you pay attention, which is nice, as to easy, soon becomes to boring. The most difficult setting is insane and it is, well, insane! 

I have not explored every aspect of this game, there are a few modes of online play I played only briefly, and there's also the arcade version of the campaign, which add scoring and stats  to the campaign that you can compare with friends. I had  tons of fun playing this game and it is pretty awesome. I would recommend this game to anyone who likes first-person shooter games, and I have to give this game a 9.5 out of 10 for rating. Thank you for reading and remember, Game on and level up!!