While denying your inner nerd might be a survival skill utilized to survive grade school, embracing that brainier side of you might be more hip than you think, or at least South by Southwest seems to feel that way. South by Southwest was established in 1987 in Austin, Texas, to showcase music in the area and by 1994, it had grown to be an interactive gathering which looked at film as well as music. This combination of 'Geek Rock' draws in 17,000 people to the events.

In honor of this geek sheek gathering, CNN compiled "The top 10 Geek Anthems of All Time." The songs, which rounded the top 10, cover topics ranging from the X-files, to call centers to Aquaman. CNN's list is as follows:

1. "She Blinded Me With Science," Thomas Dolby

2. "Dare to Be Stupid," Weird Al Yankovic

3. "Nerdcore Rising," M.C. Frontalot

4. "In the Garage," Weezer

5. "Through Being Cool," Devo

6. "Code Monkey," Jonathan Coulton

7. "Particle Man," They Might Be Giants

8. "Add It Up," Violent Femmes

9. "One Week," Barenaked Ladies

10. "Weird Science," Oingo Boingo

CNN's list varies far and wide beginning with the best one hit wonder of 1982 by Thomas Dolby whose song, "She Blinded Me With Science" was one of the first anthems which brought geek into mainstream with its stint on the Top 40. Other Geek anthem finalists include M.C Frontalot's, "Nerdcore Rising" who will be playing three shows during the South by Southwest conference. But possibly CNN's best pick for a nerd anthem is ''Through Being Cool" by Devo, the band probably better known better for their song "Whip It". The lyrics, "they're not cool because they can't be cool but because cool is lame" which 'Through Being Cool" boasts is possibly the greatest geek theme ever presented.

While CNN compiled the perfect top 10 list, it leaves pondering for how the top 20 might look. Would Bill Nye's B-52 "love shack" parody, "Blood Stream" make the cut? Or possibly the addition of a song discussing a different avenue of brainiac intelligence like a telephone answering service for instance.

Regardless of where you find yourself fitting into the nerd music area, with gatherings such as the South by Southwest, it seems that nerd sheek is not only here to stay, but becoming increasing less nerd and more cool.