Nowadays, the fashion world has been invaded by nerdy fashion statements.  Being nerdy was once regarded as fashionably uncool, until now, because recently, dressing up similar to a nerd would be the "in” thing in the realms of fashion.

Nerd fashion is widely attributed to popular stars that made it their signature look like Woody Allen and Buddy Holly. Today, many notable stars have donned the nerdy look; stars like Johnny Depp,  Kevin McHale of the hit TV series “Glee”, Josh Hartnett, Samuel L. Jackson, Joe Jonas of the band Jonas Brothers, Eddie Murphy, as well as Madonna.

Make use of your nerdyness to your advantage by making use of a few of this fashion tips:

1.)     The focal point of the geek chic look is nerdy yet fashionable glasses. Just be sure that it fits your face, and that it makes you look attractive. Choose one which you like and if you have been wondering in your head “where I can buy nerd glasses?” then try that link out. This should help you look geekier.
2.) The look which you ought to project is the "Poindexter" look, a look which is influenced by lack of fashion sense or an overtly studious or square appearance.
3.) Mix and match your wardrobe to create a uniquely nerdy look that is certainly pretty cool. Keep in mind; you don't have to shop for a new wardrobe to achieve this look.
4.) A fantastic mix would be donning nerdy reading glasses joined with an outfit that is geeky chic plus a hairdo to match. Simple yet stylish school uniform like outfit that are slightly short on the sleeves and edge of the jeans are a few common examples of nerd attire. Tying your hair in a ponytail is in addition one of the basic geeky hairstyles.

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