Gel vs Cream for Puffy Eyes

When it comes to eye care there are a few different options that users have when buying eye creams and gels. Remedying dark circles and puffy eyes is simple if users know what products work best and what to buy. There are a few distinct differences between creams and gels that are key when it comes to buying products that work and are worth the money. It is important to know these differences when buying creams or gels in order to get the right product for the issue that is being addressed.

The first difference is texture. Eye cream for puffy eyes or for dark circles is going to be a bit heavier and is going to cause a bit more irritation for those with sensitive skin. When it comes to using a cream for puffy eyes or for dark circles it is key to find a cream that is not too heavy and that is good for everyday use. Creams that are highly fragranced or that are too heavy are going to cause irritation in the eye area which is not ideal when dealing with puffiness. It is generally best to use a gel with puffiness as it is cooling and helps to reduce the inflammation without being too heavy.

With eye gel for dark circles or puffy eyes it is important to find a gel that does not deposit too much residue on the skin. Gels are notorious for adding extra residue to skin as they tend to sit on top of the skin when they are not blended properly. With a gel it is important to make sure that the product is well incorporated into the skin meaning that it is very well blended and that the product has been sufficiently been rubbed in and given time to absorb in the skin. With a gel it is also key to find something that is lighter and has cooling properties and ingredients to help cool the area to remove puffiness and dark circles.

With dark circles it is almost always better to find products that have light tint in them to help work the darkness away instead of just masking it. Products that have minimal tint help to gradually reduce the darkness and to bring out better, more radiant skin. The products that are focused on gradual reduction of darkness are best for those users that want something that works slowly and helps to encourage a more natural removal of dark circles.

Using products with metal applicators or that requires the use of fingers can also make a difference when it comes to getting rid of dark circles and puffiness. Cool, metal applicators can help to rejuvenate skin and encourage blood flow to remedy dark circles and using fingers to massage products in can help reduce puffiness. As with any facial product, it may be necessary to try several different brands and products before finding the product that does all that it claims to do and that is right for the issue at hand.