Gelarti Designer Studio is starting to show up on the hottest toys lists of some of the top retail stores there are. From the images, you might not be aware of what this toy is and why you should add it to your shopping list.

Make Your Own Stickers with Gelarti

The Gelarti Designer Studio is everything that you need to create your own stickers .This is a fun craft toy for children and adults to share. There is a lot to be said of any toy that inspires children to use their imagination and this toy does just that.


The main set comes with the case and holder that you place the sticker that you are creating. There are templates of stickers that you can place on the rotating base. The rotating base makes it easy to paint and design your creation and not create a mess.


Most people will start using the Gelarti with the paint pens that are provided. There are four colors that come with the designer studio. You can get other colors sold separately. One the color is filled in, there are 3D objects and stones that can be attached to the sticker to finish the look.


What does Gelarti Designer Studio Come With?


The main starter set comes with enough items and supplies to make many stickers. The base kit includes 30 stickers and 4 Gelarti paint pens. You also get a marbling tool, some 3D objects and gems to put on your sticker creations.


Refills for your Kit


The refills are called Gelarti Scene Packs. They are usually based around a theme of stickers that you can create with them. There are ones based on the ocean and mermaids. You can also find ones for Hello Kitty. New scene packs keep getting added to what is currently available.


You can also get additional packs of the paint pens so that you can have even more colors to paint with. Each scene pack will come 20 stickers, paint pens, and other accessories needed for the 20 stickers that you will create.


Craft toys are create to give as gifts. You can feel great knowing that any child that gets this top selling toy will get hours of entertainment and they will also be using their creativity to make things.


Gelarti is just one of many great craft kits that are available for children. Another top selling one is All Duct Out. This is one that gives you everything that is needed to make Duct tape accessories and items. This is also a great gift option if you are out shopping for children.


Gelarti Art Studio is a great toy to buy and give to children because it is already to go out of the box. It has everything that is needed to create stickers that can be used to decorate everything from walls to notebooks and everything in between. Now is the time to get yours ordered before stores run out of stock on this hot selling item.


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