Are you looking for luxury soy candles or very unique candles such as precious gem soy candles? Luxury candles are better than normal candles because they contain ingredients that make them smell better and they are longer-burning. An example is gem candles, which is a very unique candle with a twist. Instead of buying a normal, fast burning candle, why not buy a unique candle that contains a surprise gem or diamond at the bottom or a luxury soy candle that smells magnificent!

Gem Candles - Unique Luxury Candles With a Twist

Hidden on the inside of every one of these Luxury Soy Blend Candle is a surprise gemstone. The company GUARENTEES that there is a gem in every candle, worth anywhere from $20 to $5,000 (or more). Since the candle costs just $37, it seems like a pretty decent deal.

This gemstone candle, by a company called Moon Glow Candles, is also a great product because your candle will burn for approx. 60 hours, so it's a very long-lasting candle.

"Luxury Gift Idea with a Twist of Excitement"

Paddywax Library Collection Candles - "Paying homage to the literary greats"

These are hand-poured, fragrance infused soy wax blended candles that smell amazing. The library collection is unique because it includes a quote from a literary great on the box and on the actual candle. The company Paddywax and their candles are sold in thousands of retail stores around the world.

The company Paddywax has added the Jane Austen quote on this candle: "There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort" on this candle. This Jane Austen candle would make the perfect gift for her fans and those who love gardens and reading.

Paddywax Library Collection

Paddywax Library Collection Gardenia, Tuberose, Jasmine, Jane Austen Soy Wax Candle, 9-Ounces
Amazon Price: $22.44 $21.73 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 15, 2013)
If you don't like Jane Austen, they also have quotes from Edgar Allen Poe and other legends!

Other ideas for precious gem soy candles - the Diamond CandleThe company makes earth friendly, all natural soy candles, and each candle contains a ring worth $10, $100, $1000, or $5000 in every one.

I think they are a good Christmas or birthday present, or even as a Valentine's Day gift. Check out the story above for more details.  This is a unique product because there is a diamond inside of every single candle - similiar to the gemstone listed above.

Other Luxury Candle Idea - NEST Fragrances NEST01-BM Bamboo Scented Classic Candle

This item features premium, soft, highly refined cosmetic grade wax, a 50-hour burn time, and 13-percent fragrance load to optimize burn and fragrance throw, according to the product listing.

'The bamboo classic candle by nest fragrances includes notes of flowering bamboo mingled with a variety of white florals, sparkling citrus, and fresh green accords. The nest fragrances everyday collection combines color, texture and fragrance to enhance the everyday living and entertaining experience....Each of the fragrances has been created by the most accomplished perfumers at the world's leading fragrance houses."

This is one of the best reviewed candles on the web.One reviewer had this to say: "Worth every penny. My wife was buying candles from different stores and we always disagreed on the smell preference, but when this candle arrived, she was astonished by its smell."

Check it out for yourself below.

NEST Fragrances NEST01-BM Bamboo Scented Classic Candle
Amazon Price: $32.00 $29.64 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 15, 2013)

What is your favorite luxury soy candle?