Talk about a worldly work of art. Gemstone globes are beautiful to look at and will last for generations to come. These globes are typically crafted using some of the world's finest semi-precious stones, making them both exceptional pieces of home or office decor as well as quality special occasion or holiday gifts. Here you'll learn more about gemstone globes, including some excellent ideas for usage and the typical prices you should expect.

Gemstone Globes: Earth On The Earth

13 Inch Red Ocean Gemstone GlobeThere is something àpropos about gemstones being used as the building material for globes. Beyond their beauty, they are, after all, simply minerals and very fitting to be laid upon Earth replicas. It's what helps make gemstone globes so very special. Globes themselves have a classic beauty that enriches a room, but a gemstone globe...well, that yields a double take with its rich tones and natural beauty.

Gemstone globes can be found in many unique sizes and colors. A variety of different gemstones are used in their making. You'll find globes that use Onyx, Amethyst, Blue Lapis, different varieties of Jade, Abalone Shell, Agate, and many more. Some gemstone globes also include thin copper or bronze lining to delineate various countries or states, adding to the richness of the look. As well, to add to the look of stateliness and quality, these unique globes are often housed in beautiful metallic stands.

Where To Use Gemstone Globes37 inch 3 Leg Silver Floor Standing Blue Lapis Gemstone Globe

Gemstone globes are a perfect fit in a variety of locations. The six-inch versions make exceptional desk globes for a den, home office, or business office. Their quality really adds an essence of professionalism to these rooms. These unique globes are also excellent mantel accessories and make terrific desk accent pieces throughout your home, especially if you enjoy geo-decor or safari chic designs. Larger gemstone globes can easily act as one of a room's design focal points, especially those that are floor standing. 

Because of their quality, these globes also make exceptional gifts. As business gifts they are top-notch and typically well appreciated by the receiver. As holiday, birthday, Father's Day, or Christmas gifts, they are again a perfect solution, especially for any "tough to buy for" guys in your life.

Gemstone Globe Prices

Because of the different gemstones in use, prices on gemstone globes vary widely. But you might be surprised to find that some six-inch models start as low as $30. This is one of those gifts that people will swear you spent much more on. 
Unique Art 6 Inch Black Onyx Ocean
Prices do increase as rarer gemstones are used, the sizes of the globes increase, and the globe stands become more complex. You'll discover many ten inch globes in the $70 - $90 range, and globes twenty inches and above in size may cost $200 or more. You are paying for quality, though, and these globes last for years and years. 

Gemstone globes are one of these home decor items that surprise people with their beauty. These are no normal globes. For many, they are home or office decor treasures that really set the tone for a room. Don't be shocked if yours becomes one of your prized  home possessions.