There are many different options for a gender-neutral themed nursery. Parents may not know the sex of their child but wish to theme the baby's room. Gender-neutral themes are also good for parents who wish to re-use nursery items for a future child. Consider these ideas to find the best gender-neutral baby's room theme.

Curious George Nursery Theme

Curious George has been around for ages and will continue to be featured on cartoons and children's toys for years to come.

What to Include

  • Curious George wall hangings on Etsy
  • Bedding from Pottery Barn Kids
  • Custom shirts and children's bags from Etsy
  • Curious George wall decals from most outlet stores

Animal Nursery Theme

Within the animal kingdom, there are animals that are inherently masculine and feminine. For your nursery, you can include both types of animals. Some parents choose only one or two animals to focus on for the theme, finding many different images and sizes to display in the room. Because most nursery decor involves such childish imagery, dinosaurs are suitable for a girl. Nothing says feminin like a big, pink tyrannosaurus.

What to Include

  • Martha Stewart DIY animal themed wall hangings and night light covers
  • Simple fabric wall hangings
  • Don't forget the dinosaurs
  • Many Nursery-in-a-Bags come in animal themes

Jungle Nursery Theme

The jungle theme is different from the animal theme in that it typically includes foliage. Some parents love the idea of including images of trees, shrubs, and hanging vines in the nursery. This is a great opportunity to present animals in action: monkeys hanging from vines, birds flying over treetops, etc.

What to Include

  • Foliage images (like vines and trees) are best presented in the form of wall decals
  • Initially steer clear of animals that your child may come to fear: snakes, spiders, etc.
  • In order to remain gender neutral, include both masculine and feminine animals
  • If you are really concerned about remaining neutral, remember some manufacturers give their animal images gender by applying eyelashes, neckties, lipstick, etc.

Safari Nursery Theme

Often, parents prefer to include animals from a specific theme, such as safari animals. Giraffes, lions, cheetahs, meerkats, elephants, alligators, and zebras are some of the more basic safari animals. It is common for the safari themed nursery to feature people (in pictures or wall hangings) who are 'on safari'.

What to Include

  • Look for images of people on safari in a Jeep with safari hats
  • Avoid animals in predatory positions
  • Balance animals that are naturally gender related
  • A zebra rug is a fun addition to a safari themed baby's room

Transportation Theme

This theme is commonly considered masculine but in my opinion could go either way. Airplanes, trucks, boats, cars, and hot air balloons could be presented in a gender neutral way.

Things to Include

  •  Sites like My Baby Sam and Pottery Barn Kids have some wonderful gender neutral transportation themed items for your nursery
  • Include pictures or images of girls and boys riding in planes, cars, etc.
  • Don't forget: horses can be used for this theme as well
  • My Wonderful Walls has a spectacular transportation stencil kit just for a transportation themed kids room

Artist Nursery Theme

The artist theme is one that is becoming more and more popular. This includes putting up images of different people or animals in the act of painting. Also, images of paint brushes, easels, crayons, and markers can be found throughout an artist themed nursery.

What to Include

  • Focus on artist tools: paintbrushes, tubes of paint, crayons, etc.
  • Crayola offers a number of different artist themed ideas for your baby's room
  • Night lights can often be found with artist canvas covers
  • Display wall art with bright, primary colors
  • Include images that shows colors being mixed (E.g.: yellow and blue make green)

Alphabet and Numbers Theme

This theme can be the most broad because so many other themes offer different pieces with letters and numbers. For instance, it is easy to find alphabet wall art that features animals.

What to Include

  • Be sure to focus your theme so there isn't too much variation among the letters, number and other images that might be in your nursery decor
  • Most popular characters (from TV and movies) are featured on alphabet and number themed bedding and wall art
  • Sometimes the alphabet and number items can be small and nondescript. Make sure your items are large enough to be read and identified from across the room.
  • Check Etsy for the best handmade alphabet decor for the baby's room.

Weather Theme

This theme can also be considered a nature theme and it can include clouds, the sun and moon, raindrops, etc.

What to Include

  • This could also encompass a 'day and night' theme featuring the sun, moon, and stars
  • Again, if you are looking to remain truly neutral, make sure the images do not have gender suggestive features like lipstick or long eyelashes.
  • There are many different light projectors for children's rooms that feature stars to project on the wall.

Food Nursery Theme

This theme could expose children to foods they might not normally be privy to. Their walls could be adorned with kitchen items and foods such as fruits and vegetables.

What to Include

  • Try to find images of more obscure foods like eggplants and kiwi.
  • Look for images of people (families) or animals eating food.
  • Include kitchen and eating utensil art or decals.

Dr. Seuss Nursery Theme

Dr. Seuss is timeless and gender neutral. The products to satisfy this theme are very easy to find and relatively cheap. It is also somewhat easy for parents to find used versions of wall hangings for the Seuss nursery.

What to Include

  • Dr. Seuss images often have a lot going on. Make sure that the collection of items in the nursery isn't too 'busy'. Include some solid color items
  • Fabric with Seuss images in readily available and cheap.
  • Dr. Seuss stuffed animals are a great suggestion when people ask, "What can I buy for the baby?"
  • Find the most unique Seuss wall decals.
  • Etsy has Dr. Seuss nursery wall decor that includes famous and insightful quotes from the books.

Designing a gender-neutral nursery is not always easy. Consider these gender-neutral baby's room ideas to help you get ready for the little one.

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