What is so fascinating about Genealogy and family history? Millions of people cannot be wrong or can they? The truth is, it can be very rewarding, simply because it may answer some of your innermost thoughts and long unasked questions.

my Browth and sister in our gardenCredit: Titans photography

They didn't look too happy in this shot.

We all hear little snippets of conversations from time to time throughout our lives.Years ago as children, we were told to be seen but not heard. Children didn't ask those intriguing questions like, "Why doesn't Nanna come to see us anymore?" or "What happened to Uncle Jack?" Secrets remained that way; no amount of questions would change that, if we were cheeky enough to ask.

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Before the Internet age

Without emails the snail mail was the only way to contact other family members.They had to post letters away and wait patiently for replies to find any information about families from other distant family members. Gosh the mail departments must have lost a lot of income once the internet evolved.

This often took weeks and months before getting a reply. Many times their letters were sent to people with the same names, only to find they were not connected in any way.This must have been frustrating, living in hope of a good result.

Internet Age evolved

This brought new revived interest in tracing family history.Not only were there web pages with complete family trees uploaded for our perusal.There were Mailing lists, where we could put the information of family members that we were searching.If anyone saw it and knew them they would reply either by leaving a message on the internet or emailing the person direct.This made it so much simpler.

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Genealogy records & Websites

There are many Genealogy websites on the internet that you can type in a name and come up with information.

CD and DVD Records

These can be bought on line or at your local family history centers. Family history centers also have many books, records of births and deaths and many other kinds of information. These are well worth a few hours of time spent looking through all the records. Many of the records are still on fische film.  So that you need a fische viewer to read the hand written records of this film.

BMD (Birth, Marriage & Death Records)

If you really want to find your family and have a few moments to spare and would like to help out this site is always looking for volunteers to transcribe the fische film records into the computer.  I did this for a couple of years although it is very time consuming and some are hard to read as you can imagine, because these were written in ink.

Correct Spellings

Years ago records were all hand written.Therefore it depends on the person's handwriting and the person reading it as to the way the names have been added to the micro-fiche records. It is a good idea to type in many variations of the same name. Brown could be spelt Broun, browne, or similar. Wheras Smythe could be spelt as Smyth or Smith.

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Census Records

These were available on certain websites for us to search for information either through a name or an address.You could also find out how many people actually lived in that home. You could not get any information on people under 100 years ago. They protected the personal information because of living relatives. In the 1900 you could research the 1800 census records but not more recent.

As my mother was born in October 1900 I could not access her records. My daughter and I soon found her older brothers and sisters, as she was the youngest of fourteen children.She always told us that she was the youngest of 19 children, so the only conclusion we could arrive at was that the others may have been still born.

My grandfather was James Joseph Brewster who married Elizabeth Lutkins. My Mother was Elsie Brewster who married Frederick Edward Wood

My father always told us kids that he was born under the sound of the bow bells, he was so proud that he was a dinky die cockney.Yet we found that he was actually born in Leyton Essex, which I believe is nowhere near them. So that is a mystery.

Yes we have found many more relatives since then.In fact my father's parents even adopted a boy in their early seventies.He was so excited to find he had relatives living in Australia, that's me. I am the last in that line still alive now.

My mother used to talk about the Brewster's and their millions.I took it that she was speaking of money.It was not until we started researching that I found what seemed like millions of Brewster's that had lost their lives while fighting in the various wars.

Some of my other family member surnames are:

  • Colgate
  • Crocker
  • Herbert
  • Wood
  • White
  • Button
  • Hutchings
  • Palmer
  • Fudge
  • Rendell
  • Ludkin
  • Duncombe
  • Mason

On the spur of the moment I cannot think of other names. If you think you may have records that might be related I would be very interested in hearing about them.

My parents immigrated to Australia in 1923 with two children.One nearly four and one eighteen months old.It was a hard decision to leave all their family behind, knowing they may never see them again.(They didn't) It was very tough, although through the hard times they had eight children and lost four under the ages of seventeen.No it was not easy for them.

We owe a lot to the pioneers who broke their backs improving this wonderful country.

In conclusion

In the beginning, I asked the question "Genealogy and Family History Is it worth Researching".Yes. I believe that it is. Okay you may learn a few home truths about your parents and forefathers that you really did not want to know although most of it will be good news.

Medical History

One advantage of researching your roots is for medical reasons. Your parents may have suffered from an illness; Do you realize that information could help prevent you from suffering the same illness, if you know in advance. Some illnesses are hereditary, heart problems, stroke. As like with the old saying, forewarned is forearmed.