The Disney Epic Mickey game started off as nothing but a rumor, but was later confirmed by leaked concept art. It will be coming to the Wii next fall, and with the date coming up, Warren Spector details what you are to expect from this game.

The game has an interestingly original storyline. Yen Sid, one of the famed powerful Disney sorcerers, creates a Cartoon Wasteland filled with the creations of old and forgotten characters. The first entering this newly created world being Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. After time passes, Oswald begins to resent Mickeys rise and recurring fame. Mickey Mouse, one day, accidentally spills paint thinner onto the Cartoon Wasteland, warping it, and attracting him inside of it. So you are now apart of this world, playing as an edgy Mickey Mouse, gifted with a magical paint brush and paint thinner. It's great that Warren Spector speaks of Epic Mickey experience to be enjoyed.

Warren Spector speaks of an adventure-platforming game with light role playing elements. So you advance through this world, making moral choices that may alter the environment, your interaction with characters, and how your appearance changes throughout the game. Your choice of how you will change the environment, such as by painting new additions, or removing elements from the environment, will have quite the impact. Which is the goal of this game, to immerse the player into this world, giving you a perspective of Mickey that you have never seen before.

This is a darker version of Mickey, but it is not presented in a stupid way. Instead of giving him a knife or a gun, they decided to give him moral choices that may alter and make his emotions darker or lighter. Luckily, they are not following the path of the sonic dev team, which thinks shoving a weapon onto a hedgehog is going to provide amazing gameplay. This game makes heavy use of the Wii remote, making it an obvious Nintendo Wii exclusive game. It will not make use of the Wii Motion Plus technology however, since it was presented to them too late in the development cycle to be implemented.

This is shaping up to be quite the amazing game. But sadly, it appears that gamers are disappointed at the choice of platform. Sure, the Wii provides good motion controls for now, but the XBox 360 and Playstation 3 have quite a more amazing arsenal at their hands. Providing greater graphics, gameplay opportunities, space, and more. Hopefully, more projects like Epic Mickey can be seen and will be developed for some of the stronger consoles.