A hybrid car or otherwise known as a hybrid electric vehicle is both an electric and a hybrid car that can combine an internal combustion engine that is the traditional type of engine with a propulsion system while adding in the electric propulsion system to create the hybrid cars. Having the added electric power train in the vehicle is to achieve better fuel economy than a normal, everyday gas vehicle would achieve. It is also to achieve better performance overall. There are many different types of hybrid cars out there, and they all have a different degree at which they function. The most common type of hybrid vehicle is the car; there are trucks, tractors, and buses out there as well. The more modern cars have high efficiency improving types of technology such as the regenerative braking system. This allows the cars kinetic energy to turn into electric energy in order to charge the battery in hybrid cars. Normal vehicles convert the kinetic energy into heat energy and waste it. Idle emissions are also reduced by shutting the engine down when in idle and restarting it back up when needed. This produces fewer emissions since the car is not always running. The engines in hybrid cars are generally smaller than regular vehicles as well which gears towards maximum efficiency in the vehicle and this also further improves the fuel economy of hybrid cars.

History and Best Selling Hybrid Car in the US

The first hybrid car to be produced in the world was in 1900 by Ferdinand Porsche. He developed the Lohner-Porsche Mixte Hybrid car. Hybrid cars were not available until the Toyota Prius was introduced in 1997, and then followed with the Honda Insight in 1999. They were not widely used until the gas prices soared, and many people found the fuel economy of the hybrid cars were more practical and affordable. Many other hybrid cars were released in 2000 because of the fuel economy, and are looked at as a major change for the future. The Prius is the number one top selling choice of hybrid car in the US. They have sold over 1 million cars by April of 2011. Hybrid cars are continuing to be sold throughout the US. Owning hybrid cars might be the best thing for you – it is more environmentally friendly and will save you money in the long term.


Disadvantages of Hybrid Cars

There are a few disadvantages to hybrid cars, just like there are for many other things out there. One of the biggest things that many Americans face when it comes to purchasing a hybrid car is the overall price of them. This is because the cost of hybrid cars over normal vehicles is much higher. When looking to purchase a new hybrid car the cost will go up a few grand and this might be a good thing if you look into the gas money that you will be saving overall with these cars.


Hybrid Cars - Prius, Best hybrid selling car in the US

Advantages of Hybrid Cars

There are, of course, advantages of this type of cars as well. One of the biggest advantages to a hybrid car is the money that you will save when it comes to paying for gas. Hybrid cars are more fuel efficient overall and can save a lot of money on gas since it is half gas and half battery. This is something that provides the vehicle with an overall twist compared to other vehicles that are not fuel efficient. Another benefit to hybrid cars is that they are also great for the environment since they put off fewer emissions. This is always something good when the time comes since you can become more earth conscious and give back to the earth instead of having to worry about harmful toxins being released into the air when driving hybrid cars.