In February of 1820 William Tecumseh Sherman was born. A lot of babies were born in 1820 but few of them went on to have the notoriety that William Tecumseh Sherman. William Tecumseh Sherman literally helped to change the History of the United States.

William Tecumseh Sherman is best known as a General with the Union army during the Civil War. William Tecumseh Sherman could have gone through life as a regular every person and never became famous. What propelled William Tecumseh Sherman onto the path of becoming famous was when his father died. William Tecumseh Sherman was only 9 years old when his father died. After his father died William Tecumseh Sherman went to live with Thomas Ewing. Thomas Ewing was a friend of the Sherman family and a very prominent attorney. In addition to being a successful lawyer Thomas Ewing also got involved in politics. Thomas Ewing served as a senator and also was the first ever Secretary of the interior.

Thomas Ewing greatly influenced William Tecumseh Sherman in a way that his father was not able to. William Tecumseh Sherman learned to understand and even enjoy the institution of politics. In a lot of ways it was very fortunate that William  Sherman went to live with Thomas Ewing or he may never have become the famous person that we still know and love today (Unless you are from the South, then you probably dislike him).

William Tecumseh Sherman was sent to live with Thomas Ewing because his mother had a handful. William Tecumseh Sherman had 10 brothers and sisters and when his father died there was no inheritance. William  Sherman’s mother was stuck with 11 kids and no money. Out of desperation William  Sherman mother did what she had to do and that is how the future General ended up living with Thomas Ewing.

Because Thomas Ewing was a Senator he was able to pull some strings and get William T.  Sherman into the United States Military Academy. William T. Sherman was only 16 years old when he got accepted to go to West Point and study military strategies. His time at West Point not only changed his life, but also went on to change the course of American History.

Although William T. Sherman successfully completed all 4 years of training at the Military Academy, there were no signs that William T.  Sherman was destined for greatness. During his time at the military Academy did great academically but overall was simply just a regular student. Nobody could have guessed that he would go to be a permanent fixture in History books as a military leader.

Many people believe that the first War William Tecumseh Sherman ever fought in was the Civil War but that is inaccurate. The first War William Tecumseh Sherman fought in was the Second Seminole War. William Tecumseh Sherman went onto server but was frustrated with his orders. William Tecumseh Sherman eventually received a Brevet, or Honorary title of Captain, but he was disgusted by his lack of opportunities so he resigned his commission.

William Tecumseh Sherman went on to become a very successful businessman in some avenues of life and a failure in other endeavors but we may never have heard about William Tecumseh Sherman ever again except for the Civil War that would eventually break out in the United States pitting brother against brother at the battlefield. William Tecumseh Sherman became a banker in San Francisco, California.

William Tecumseh Sherman was a very good banker but his branch in San Francisco eventually closed down and the bank he worked for transferred him to New York. After the fiscal and economic collapse of the banking system in the United States William Tecumseh Sherman went back to California. He then moved to a few other places including Kansas. William Tecumseh Sherman even tried being an attorney but experienced little success with his legal endeavors. William  Sherman was then once again affiliated with the Military when he became Superintendent of a Military Academy.

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Contrary to what some people believe, William  Sherman was not against slavery. William  Sherman actually supported slavery; however he was against States breaking away from the United States. As the early Southern States began declaring they were separating from the union William T. Sherman resigned his Southern Academy military position and headed back to the North. Although William Tecumseh Sherman was OK with slavery, he was an American Patriot first and foremost and he did not want to see his Country get splintered.

William Tecumseh Sherman met with President Abraham Lincoln shortly after he was inaugurated as President. William Tecumseh Sherman even turned down a position with the War Department. Eventually William  Sherman was commissioned as a Colonel in 1861. Once again William  Sherman was leading American troops but this time he was preparing Army volunteers to go to War against their brethren to preserve the United States.

William T. Sherman went on to successfully command and lead men into War and ultimately was victorious at leading the Northern States to victories over the Southern States by not allowing them to secede from the Union.

IN 1884 William T. Sherman retired from the military and then lived in New York until his death in 1891. Upon his death he was revered as a hero by the Northern states and the Southern States hated him because they felt that they had perpetuated war crimes upon their citizens during the Civil War. Once the political nature of his career is overlooked most historians view William  Sherman in a very positive light.

What started off as such a simple life morphed William  Sherman into a permanent fixture in the history books everywhere. Regardless of your personal views of William  Sherman there is no denying that he was a great soldier who was able to lead his troops to victory in the harshest of all atmospheres, that being the vicious Civil War when families literally went to War with each other over political beliefs and shot, killed, and maimed as many as they could on the Battlefields.

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