Despite what some sleazy pitchmen may say, earning money from a blog is neither quick nor instant. The idea that a person starting a brand new blog will instantly begin earning money in a rapid and easy push-button fashions is patently untrue. Earning money with a blog is certainly possible, but it is important to understand the realities, as well as having realistic and actionable tips on how to go about doing it. This article will give an honest appraisal of the ways you can earn this money blogging and about what work will need to be done to make it happen.

Realistic Expectations

Sipping Mojitos on a tropical beach after five days online is not going to happen. Got that? Making a nice profit is possible but it will take work. Many of the advantages the over-hyped guru's point out are true. A blogger can be location independent. A blogger can work when and where they want and write about what they feel like. But there is always a need to maintain a certain frequency, quality and consistency to be successful.

Importance of Niche:

If the desire is to earn money, niche is extremely important. There are basically two forms of blogs that are successful. The first type is a personal blog and the second is a niche blog. A personal blog is read because people like the personality and style of the writer. It can be about any topic. This type of blog does not lead to a good business model though. Just because people enjoy hearing the blogger talk about ANY subject does not mean they are willing to buy anything they offer.

Having a strong niche blog is the desire for anyone serious about making money blogging. The blogger wants to have a very narrow and defined topic in an area that the readers are interested in. The readers still need to "like" the blogger and style of blogging, but when the blogger does sell items and promote affiliate products they are much more likely to follow though and make purchases.


Before getting into specific tips for earning money with a blog it is important to highly one essential point: content. The phrase, "content is king" has been used almost to death. Though it is overused, it is also important. The primary thrust any money making blog should be free content of top notch quality.

Ultimately people only will come back again and again if the blogger leaves them great information. Lots of free and quality content builds fan base, it proves the blogger is an expert and should be easier to rank on Google.

Getting your Blog Discovered

Though "content" is the most important factor in long term blog success, a blog still needs to be "found." No matter how good the information is, if no one knows about it, it is worthless. Getting blog traffic is a huge topic. One of the big things any blogger needs to learn is search engine optimization (SEO). These are the on and off page tweaks to give a blog the best chance of being found on Google search results.

The next thing a blogger should think about is Social Bookmarking. This is using sites like Digg, Stumbleupon, Blinklist and Diigo to create a 'bookmark' that can potentially be found and shared by others.

Social Networking can be a huge part of being discovered and to keep each and every post front and center in your follower's attention. Having a large and/or interactive Twitter and Facebook following is essential for this tactic to be effective.

Finally there is advertising. Pay advertising is a possibility, but likely not needed. Often the best way to advertise is to simply leave a lot of links heading back to the blog or posts. Write articles for content sites with links back to the blog. Comment on other blogs. Leave comments and links on forums. Write answers on Yahoo Answers with links back to the blog. In a nutshell utilize links back to your blog wherever and however possible.

Start Making Money

Fretting about making money until a decent level of exposure, trust and followers is achieved is a lesson in futility. It is likely to simply discourage a blogger to see $ .40 profit from Adsense for hours of work. Get the traffic, get the numbers and get some loyal repeat fans and then work on ways to monetize the blog.

Now that the major ways to get the blog to the point where monetization is worth the effort have been discussed let's continue with some precise tips for earning money with a blog.

1) Google Adsense ads: A well placed Google ad or two is a great way to make some extra money. The Tip for these ads to to not bombard viewers. Ten Google ads does not induce many more clicks than two well placed ads but makes the website seem much more "spammy" and engenders a lot less trust from the reader.

2) Chikita Ads: Chikita ads are the ads that pop up inline on a blog. They amount they pay is often not a huge amount so it is debatable if it is worth the effort and negative effect it may possibly have on readers.

3) Sponsored Posts/Links: Sponsored posts need to be handled with care. If the blogger makea a note that it is a sponsored post, most readers will not mind, as this form of post is not too frequent. If sponsored posts seem too frequently it can appear to reader that ALL the blogger cares about is their money and this can turn many readers off.

4) Drive Traffic to CPA offers: Pretty easy to do with little to lose, the only purpose here is to direct people away from the blog to the CPA link where the blogger gets paid.

5) Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing takes some work, but with a loyal readership and care to only promote quality products this can be quite a windfall.

6) Physical Products: A blogger can sell any physical products from their site as a way to earn money. This could be done in a variety of ways. It could be done as an affiliate for a program like Amazon Associates. The Blogger could sell and ship their own products or use even use "drop shipping".

7) Information Products: One of the most potentially lucrative methods of long term gain for a blog is when the blogger creates and markets their own information products. Once a solid subscriber base is created, the Bloggers fan base will act as both customers and also assist by spreading word of your product in a grassroots method.

8) Email Marketing: This is another key to long term successful money making for blogs. The idea of email marketing is to get the email addresses of as many people that you can, using an autoresponder program like Aweber or MailChimp to manage these addresses. Overtime the desire is to send these potential customers as much quality free information as possible mixing in affiliate and other offers about 20% of the time. In the long term giving only consistent quality information and recommendations build up trust and authority and people will become more inclined to listen to the Blog's offers and actually make purchases.

9) Combination: The best thing about having a blog rather than a static site is that any combination of these methods can be used to earn your money. The more loyalty and traffic their is, the more your sales will be. With as few as 100 unique visitors each day a blogger can begin to make a decent return on a blog. It is just about taking action on these steps for earning money with a blog.