The powerful Tesla Generator has the potential to give you completely free energy every single day. Imagine having unlimited stream of energy without the hassle of monthly electricity bills or the fear of sudden electricity shutdown. For residents of third world countries, this is an absolute dream come true. For many of us in modern first world countries, energy symbolizes life for us as it makes our lives much simpler by automating our daily tasks and needs.

All our modern technological devices work on electricity such as:
  • Televisions
  • Laptops
  • Refrigerators
  • Mobile devices.

To most of us, life without constant stream of electricity is tasteless and will leave us clueless. Food will rot, connections drop and boredom and darkness will fill our lives.

The Tesla Generator was developed in 1934 by Nikola Tesla,who was one of the most creative pioneering engineers of his era. The device has been registered with the U.S Patent office and designed with the aim to deliver enough free energy to every home at that time. However due to the lack of funding to develop and keep up the Tesla Generator, the project was lost after the death of its inventor and no effort has been made to regain it due to pressure from the U.S Government and major energy companies.

The free energy generator works to harness radiant energy and generates energy so it could power your home completely free of charge. It is known as ‘fuelless generator’ as it is capable of functioning throughout the day, including at night so you will not have to worry about sudden electricity shutdown in the middle of the night.  

Many people nowadays are searching for ways to cut their energy cost expenses. The Tesla Generator can help you lower your electricity bill or get rid of it altogether. It will be  extremely easy to build and you will be able to use this device to generate long-term free energy without the hassle of monthly bills and electricity expenses. Overtime, this will become a powerful money
saving method. Believe it or not, it will cost you as less as $2 to start building your own Tesla Generator, and all the required tools and parts can be easily purchased from your local electronics store. Your first time mini Tesla Generator will power small devices such as cell phones and an mp3. In the meantime, you can scale up your efforts and build a generator that costs you less that $100 to buy to fully power your home.

Take advantage of this inexpensive device to build your own free energy generation that will last for years to come. Major energy companies have tried to hide the power of the Tesla Generator, as it would definitely harm their business and literally make them broke in no time.