You've probably looked all over for tools for and information about making residual income. A simple Google search gives almost overwhelming results and when you click those results, you're almost always disappointed by the many misleading spew found on those sites. Everyone talks about making money online with affiliates but almost no one will actually give you a straight answer about how to tap into the industry.

Making affiliate wealth isn't necessarily difficult but it can lead to a lot of leg work. One quick tip before you read any farther, if you're lazy you'll suck at affiliate marketing. Sorry, it's true. I have seen quite a few people suckered into believing that making money online is easy and then "cry" when they don't make money. It is, and never will be, something you can simply do without trying. Everyone I know who makes money on the internet, whether through ClickBank, Adsense, or some other program, has worked their butt off to get where they are. Many of them work 10 to 12 hour days and skip out on the fun stuff like watching prime time television. So, if you're scared by easy, but tediously long work, please go find a different way of making money like knitting sweaters.

Ok, with that out of the way, let's talk about ways you can make residual income online. There are tons of websites available that open the doors to making money. Heck, many of them are completely free! Yeah, you can start making residual income right now without spending a single dime. This way of generating wealth is done through websites like InfoBarrel (what you're on now), HubPages, and a few other article posting sites.

The first step for making money with article sites is registering. Click this link to register with InfoBarrel. Ok, now that you've registered, research topics that interest you. Pick anything that you like. If you like playing football, for example, research "weight training for football" or some other related topic. Ok, now that you've finished researching, create a new article. Choose a title relevant to what you're going to write about. Every article writing site has different guidelines for article length and quality (InfoBarrel has strict quality standards and you should write at least 400 words per article). If you're stressing a little about the strict standards, don't, it's for your protection so you can make more money per article. Ok, now that you've posted an article, register both a Google Adsense and an Amazon Affiliates accounts. Click here for information about how you can make money on InfoBarrel.

Making money with affiliates is easy with article sites and Amazon. All you need to do is find a product relevant to what you like to write about and write a review. You can stick a link to that product in your article so if someone is interested in the product can click the link and buy it (and make you money).

Another great way to earn lots of residual money with affiliates is with ClickBank. Through the use of a product like ClickBank Pirate you can make some serious money (enough to retire on). The gist of ClickBank is you choose a product on their site that you think other people will like. You then post content about that product and give reviews, etc. People interested in the product will click the link and buy it. Some products through ClickBank can make you $50 or more.

These are only a few of the ways you can make money online with affiliates. There are tons of other ways but the two most popular ways is through Amazon and ClickBank. Here's to happy residual income making!