A great advantage in being a reporter is that you have a license to find out about all those things you have always been curious about - Williamson

Use your sense. Look around. Absorb. Notice. Listen. Look.

If you just remain still, and allow your eyes to wander, there will always be something new to be developed.

Write about successful people.  This year, there was the biggest concert in our country, Nepal. Bryan Adams arrived here for a live concert. My friend reporter got a chance to attend the press release.

Sometimes, you might also ask for other reporters with whom you work. They might have met a successful person. You can take an interview with them and ask anything that the readers would like to read about.

For example, my friend suggested I meet a woman who is paralyzed. She have written a book, Jiwan Phool ki Kanda?, which has been selected for an award. She wrote the book with her foot, although most of her relatives, even her parents were skeptic that she will never able to write.

Next, are there any festive season around ?

When the festive season are around the corner, there will be whole different ideas that one can write about. If the festival is a national one, and you were always curious to know the customs and traditional methods of worshipping, that could lead to a good feature story.

List of Your Favourite Places

You always have a favourite place to hang around. When I complete my work, i have a tendency to visit around the squares and malls around town, sipping coffee and watching people. You could build a list of these places, and write something unusual places about these place. Did you notice a new vendor, a new clothing line, a new design in your restaurant ?

List of Your Hobbies

Another way to write a good feature is to make a list of your hobbies and write something unique and interesting about it. Or, if you have always wanted to learn a new hobby, just write about them. I visited a art exhibition on a report assignment.

I learnt about pencil, acrylic design. I noticed that they spend painting in a real setting, and take a photograph and give off it's finishing touch. You are always curious how painters come up with those great paintings. You can spend a day with them and write about their particular day.

Live Band and DJ Sessions

There are always live band performances by artist that you always wanted to write about. Write about how they come up with the process of songwriting. How do they mix up those songs. What are the latest technologies they use to produce quality music. What is their stories, how did they get influenced. Who are their influence. What are they doing in the present context along with other artists.