How to generate traffic while building relationships

Building the right relationships is vital to success

Hey Everybody!  Over the past few days and even before I wrote my last post on tips for generating traffic, I have really been doing some in-depth research on traffic and what drives people to your website or blog. If any of you follow me on twitter (@bfalco126) or have "liked" the NewBizVision Facebook Page, then you know that I really try to spread the word about my NewBizVision blog on social networking sites. But one thing that I haven't mentioned yet is how to increase traffic through relationships. I really haven't talked about this much because to be honest, as a new blogger and a new name in the crowded world of entrepreneurial blogs, I really don't have many relationships developed yet. However, I am working on them and what I am going to is tell you where and how to begin developing these relationships.

Where To Begin Developing Relationships

There are many places to start developing relationships and a ton of people who you can develop relationships with, but I am finding that the best place to start is with other people in your same niche. I also think that it is crucial that you focus on developing the right relationships from the start. I am not saying that you should only develop relationships with certain people because all relationships equal exposure, however for generating consistent traffic let's focus on "the right relationships". For example I  work for a drywall subcontractor. A few times a year I get to go to functions and networking events for the opportunity to be around some big name people and companies in the construction industry. When I go to these events do you think it would be smarter for me to mingle and build relationships with other sub contractors (say for example flooring installers) or would it be a better idea to build relationships with the general contractors and big builders who may potentially give my company work in the future? The answer is both, but the relationship that is going to help me more is the one with the general contractor, because there is real potential there to create something successful. So back to the online world, I want you to think of the general contractor in my example as "the right relationship". The right relationship is the one that offers more potential to grow your business and increase your traffic. Some examples of the right relationships to develop are:

  • Relationships with "bigger names"in your niche - You want to get on the radar of people who are already successfully doing what you are trying to do. Don't think of these people as competition but as a web of resources to bounce ideas off and share knowledge with. You never know who will notice you or your website but think of the possibilities if one really important person in the niche does take notice. Let's say that you decide to tweet that you have a post up with some great info on search engine optimization. Now, assume that somebody big in your niche is following you. In the entrepreneurial / make-money-online niche some big names would be Tim Ferriss, Pat Flynn, Chris Guthrie, MJ DeMarco, Corbett Barr, etc. (Pat Flynn and MJ DeMarco are following me... still excited about that LOL). So say one of your "bigger name" followers sees your tweet, reads your post, and decides they liked it so much they were going to retweet it. Well you now have an authoritative figure in your niche sharing your content with ALL of their followers. Chances are you will see a major spike in traffic that day! Also, I wanted to take this opportunity to mention a YouTube video by Pat Flynn at The Smart Passive Income Blog where he discusses traffic with Corbett Barr of Be sure to check it out because it will really give some great content on relationships and traffic.
  • Relationships With Companies That You Are An Affiliate Of - These types of relationships have to do with companies that you are promoting or are an affiliate of. They are both unique and important to the success of your website. I must say that I have not yet developed this kind of relationship but I do have a few of these type of relationships in the works. So the reason that I feel these relationships are unique is that you both stand to gain something from the relationship. The company that you are promoting is obviously getting exposure through you, and you are more than likely making some type of commission. But as Pat Flynn says "your goal with affiliate marketing should not be to make money, but to help your readers". So although the commission is a nice little bonus of promoting a product, there are other useful things that you can take from this relationship. Say you promote a product and you do a decent job of converting your readers into buyers of that product. Then one day, the company that created the product you promote puts out something new. You may be able to contact the company and ask for a free copy of the new product so you can do a review, or you may even be able to get some copies to give away to your readers. The possibilities are endless but the first thing you have to do is develop the relationship!
  • Relationships With Your Audience - Lastly and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the right relationship to develop is the one between you and your audience. Your readers are the reason that your site exists and if it weren't for them visiting your site and clicking your links, there is probably a good chance that your site doesn't survive. You must always make sure that you are putting the best interest of your audience above everything else. If you have 30 minutes to spare and you can either place new ads on your site or create a post with some helpful content, which do you think is the wiser choice? The answer should be obvious that you give your followers something that will help them (and something that won't try to sell to them). I hear from so many people who say that karma really does exist online and that while you shouldn't do things expecting some return, you are more than likely to be paid back tenfold one day. Give away all that you know and you will find that people will respond to you so much better. Some great ways to build and maintain these types of relationships are through the comments section on your blog, through social networking, and through Random Acts Of Kindness (or R.O.A.K. according to Pat Flynn). A random act of kindness can be anything from sending a reader a personal email thanking them for taking the time to check out your site, to retweeting or mentioning one of your followers. These types of actions take such little effort but make a HUGE impact on the person receiving the R.O.A.K.. Also, make yourself a presence in the comments section of your posts and pages. If you respond to people's comments then you make yourself more personable and you also show your readers that you are seeing what they are saying. All of these things go a long way in building relationships with your audience and I believe that to be truly successful online, these types of relationships are the most important.

  That is all I have for you guys right now. Thank you SO MUCH for taking time out of your life to read what I have to say and I would really love to hear your thoughts and opinions so leave a comment and I will respond. Let's build a relationship!  Thanks again guys and gals and good luck to you in whatever you do :) -Brandon

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