Making Money on Facebook

Making Money on Facebook

Start making Money on Facebook with these 5 simple steps.

Welcome, this article is for those of you who are stuck in the eternal trap of not making any money with your network, affiliate, or mlm company. The biggest problem is that you have nobody to talk to about your business or products. You have scared away all your family and friends trying to get them to buy your beauty products or the next big health product that will help them lose weight. You are right on the brink of quitting you have spent hundreds of dollars on training and positive thinking is getting you no where. Well its time to put all those worries to reset. 

Today I will share with you 5 easy ways you can make money on Facebook by sharing your opportunity with as many people as you can message in a day. There is over 1 billion people on Facebook making it one of the most populated places, next to China , of course. What this means to you is that you have opened yourself up to a whole new world of possibilities. However, there is a trick to it, you can't just go out all gung-ho and start messaging everyone about your business that's called spamming. There are a few things you have to do first to make sure you find some success sharing your business online which means more money in your pocket.

1. Find out who your target market is.

you can't expect to go out and sell insurance to a bunch of partying college kids. You have to find out who is in the market for your product or service. Where do these people hang out, what pages or groups do they like? This will help you find the best success by targeting the correct people.

2. Connect with potential prospects 

send them a quick message and strike up a conversation. Don't be afraid the worst thing that can happen is that they don't message back. However, don't be a creeper, check out their profile and see if you two have anything in relation or where you can start a conversation about. People do business with people they know like and trust not with strangers.


If you are not in this persons' circle of friends sometimes your message will go to their dreaded other folder and it may never be opened. That is okay there is no reason to pay to send it to their main folder with cost from $1-$50 to do so. Just send a friendly message and sometimes you will get a reply sometimes you won't but that is okay there is 999,999,999 other people left.

3.Build Rapport

you have to have a normal conversation before you go sending links or pitching your business cause if you don't that is still spamming. Talk to them like they are humans find a way to connect and then pitch once you feel you built a rapport and you would like to work with them.

4. Ask for the Sale

So many people successfully reach out to people and connect with them but never ask for the sale. Get the prospect to watch a video or presentation. This is the greatest purpose is to get more eyes on your presentation thus more conversions and more MONEY! If you forget to do this you will be stuck right where you are at.

5. Get the prospect on the Phone

there are so many sales lost because people are afraid to call a prospect on the phone. In order to make any money you need to use your phone. You cannot work with everyone and you need to learn to let some people go but to decide you must speak with them on the phone. This is the last step in to getting them to buy your product or service or joining your business.

There it is 5 simple ways you can promote your business on Facebook and make more money doing whatever it is that you choose to do. This will not happen overnight nor will it happen perfectly it will take some practice. However, if you consistently make an effort you will see a positive change in your business by using Facebook to make you more money.