Generic pet medicines save you money and lots of it. With something like dog heartworm medicine there are generic versions which are around 50% cheaper than the big name brand. Over the lifetime of your pet those savings can really add up. The only 'issue' can be the lack of 'extras' with generics. This is why Generic Heartgard Plus hasn't been selling in the same volume as branded Heartgard Plus. Allow me to explain.

It makes sense, after all the primary considerations with generic pet medicines are:

  1. Using the same dose of the same active ingredient to create something medicinally identical to the brand.
  2. Keeping prices down so that consumers will opt out of the brand identity and buy from the generic manufacturer.
  3. Not infringing any copyright held by the brand.

1. Keeping the product medicinally equal to the brand is an actual requirement in law, for any new generic product. So that worry is taken care of for the pet owners. As far as the health of your pet is concerned generic or branded, it makes absolutely NO DIFFERENCE.

2. Keeping prices low is why many pet owners opt for generics but it also puts some people off. It seems we like a bit of glamorous full colour packaging. I guess it makes us feel we're getting our money's worth. But, we know this is not important and let's face it Fido really doesn't mind what the packet looks like does he?

3. Not infringing on the original maker's copyright can include silly little things like having to make the generic pet medicine look different. So, many generic's will come in different sized or shaped tablets for example.

A combination of points two and three have meant that most generic heartworm pills come in tablet form. Fine for a huge number of pet owners, but for some the prospect of getting Fido to take an ordinary chalk tablet is just too much, so they choose to pay extra for flavor tabs or chewable meaty treats which Fido enjoys.

Now though, you can save money by choosing Generic Heartgard Plus AND let him have a chewy treat he will enjoy. The maker's of the generics have upped their game a little and moved away from the boring old tablet form of this preventative heartworm medicine.

It may seem a little thing, but dog's are important and it is perfectly reasonable for owners to choose the easiest method of ensuring they take their heartworm medicine. Now though, no matter how fussy Fido is, you can still make huge savings. So buy him some Generic Heartgard Plus Chewables. Just don't show him the less colorful packet!