Nearly everyone in Singapore and Malaysia know the popularity of Genting Highlands in Malaysia.

The main reason is that Genting Highlands is the one and only casino city in Malaysia. The management of Genting Malaysia likes to advertise Genting Highlands as the entertainment city.

Where is Genting Highlands located?

Genting Highlands is just an hour drive from the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur itself is a situated in the valley, surrounded by mountains. One of these mountains is Genting.

Many residents of Kuala Lumpur love the coolness of the Highlands, and the fresh mountain air. It helps that Genting Highlands is surrounded by tropical rainforest. The ride up is scenic.

How do you get to Genting Highlands?

The management of Genting provides many shuttle services from different parts of Kuala Lumpur, such as Puduraya Bus Terminal, Kuala Lumpur Sentral Station, Pasarakyat, One Utama Petaling Jaya, and Kajang.

If you are traveling from different parts of Malaysia, you can book the luxury coaches from the appointed travel agent.

There are numerous travel agents in Singapore and Thailand which provide daily road trips to Genting.

The journey from Singapore to Genting takes slightly more than six hours.

The current off-peak package for 2 persons traveling together is S$88. The package includes one night hotel at First World Hotel with buffet breakfast, and return trip.

The tour agencies operating from Singapore includes Five Stars, WTS, Grassland, 707, and others.

You can find more details here.

Where do you stay in Genting Highlands?

Genting Highlands has numerous hotels and apartments.

First World Hotel is one of the largest hotels in the world. It has a total of 6118 rooms spreading two towers.

You can stay in the Standard room, Deluxe room or Worldclub room.

If you choose to stay in Standard room, you will be disappointed. Most standard rooms look into the window of the opposite room.

The toilet is very small, and the bathroom does not have enough space for you to take a step in any direction.

If you want to enjoy a holiday, you can stay in Resort Hotel, Genting Hotel or Highlands Hotel. You can find out more about the accommodation in Genting Highlands here.

There is a saying that those who stay in First World Hotel do not need to sleep. They tend to spend the whole day and part of the night, even overnight, in the casino. The only time when they really need to sleep is when they lose all the money.

If you are light sleeper, you will be disturbed by the doors slamming at all hours, and the shower water running at all hours.

Many people do not pay cash to stay in First World Hotel. They use the comp points, known as Genting Points (GP), to pay for the room. At the rate of 7 GP for one Standard Room per night, that is equivalent to the dollar value of 7 Ringgits per room per night.

What is the value of 7 Ringgits in US Dollars? It is just more than US$2 and less than US$3.

If you pay just three dollars for a room, you can imagine the quality of the accommodation.

What is the way to save money in Genting Highlands?

You can travel with your friends who have enough Genting Points. They can book the rooms with their Genting Points.

Many restaurants in Genting Highlands accept payment in Genting Points as well. You will not run out of food to eat. There are fast food restaurants, Chinese restaurants, Western restaurants, cheap eateries for people on budget, and a lot of counters selling snacks.

What can you do there if you do not gamble?

There are indoor and outdoor theme parks in Genting Highlands. You can take the cable car ride to enjoy the view of tropical rainforest. You can take the free hourly shuttle bus to the Chin Swee Temple which is 15 minutes bus ride away. There is a vegetarian restaurant there. You can order the set meal. This is a chance for you to eat more greens.

You can enjoy the food and the shopping. The restaurants, eating outlets and shops are mainly in First World Hotel. However, the shelter walkway links all the hotels together.

You can join the day tour to visit the farms, and enjoy the 2 hours hike in the tropical rainforest.

The company makes money with its casino. However, the casino is not the only attraction there. You will find that there are many things to do that you do not know where to start.

When is the best time to visit?

You can visit anytime you like. However, you need to consider the monsoon season if you love outdoor.

The end of the year is the monsoon season. The continuous rainy days is rather disappointing for those who like hiking in the rainforest.

You may want to avoid the Malaysia and Singapore school holidays period if you like peace and quiet.

The noise of a few hundred children can drive you crazy. Those crazy kids seem to run everywhere and bang into everyone.

Are you visiting Asia soon? If you are making a stop in Malaysia, do not forget to visit Genting Highlands. Do remember to contact your friends in Asia. It is likely that they can spare an weekend to visit Genting Highlands, and use their Genting Points to book the room for you.