The best genuine leather twist lock satchel bags are available these days in either designer brands, or off name brands, at a much cheaper price.  While you will find varying prices, you can still find quality, even in the off brand styles and brands, if you are willing to shop around a little for your carryall purse. Names like Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Juicy Couture, Balenciaga, and Burberry seem to get all the props, but there are many cheaper brands out there with the same designer looks at a fraction of the price.  Listed below are some of those options, along with some things you will want to look for as you shop around for a good handbag. 

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What Drives Pricing?

Certainly, name brand recognition has something to do with the price.  While a Gucci bag might not cost ten times more to make than a similar generic one at one tenth of the price, there are some reasons you are paying more for the real deal.  This list is definitely not exhaustive, but will give you a good idea of what helps to drive the price. 

One of the biggest reasons for the high price of the designer hobo bags is the quality control that is put into force.  You will not find irregular hobo bags.  You will not find stitching that’s off kilter and looking poor.  You will find amazing consistency, despite the fact they are generally made by hand and not by a machine.  Because there are such incredibly strict guidelines on their products, you can buy knowing you are not very likely at all to get something which will not last for many years to come.

Handmade leather totes are much more expensive to make than having them made on an assembly line.  While there is the chance of simple human error, a human is also able to make adjustments on the fly, generally for the betterment of the overall product.  Handmade is generally preferred and the people making them are highly trained professionals.  This certainly costs a lot of money and is one of the contributing factors in driving up the price.

The designer bags are the driving force of the fashion of the industry. They are actually intellectual property and as such, it costs money to protect them from the knockoff handbag industry.  This is just another one of the many reasons these are so much more expensive than the off brands.

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Only the best, highest quality material is used.  Unlike a typical factory, where items are often searched for in terms of looking for the lowest bidder, the manufacturers of these high end handbags are searching only for the very best of everything on the market.  From the fabric of the interior, to the stitching, to the actual leather itself, they will only use the very best quality materials because their ability to command top dollar for years to come depends on it.

In the end, you are paying for name and quality.  You can expect a designer leather shoulder bag to last for many years.  In addition, they will often have some value even when they have been around for years and the fashion has faded into the past.

The Way it Makes You Feel

Whether it’s fair or not, a societal flaw or not, having an expensive tote makes most feel good about themselves.  Virtually any woman would want to go out and about showing off her new Gucci bag, perhaps in an attempt to make the other ladies take a good look at us, causing a little envy.  We ultimately pay for that comfort and feeling when we buy expensive items like these.  They are a status symbol, much like several other things we buy and use daily.

Stainless Steel or Better Hardware

You shouldn’t buy very expensive real leather satchels with base metal, which is just a very lightweight, weak metal, often painted to look bright silver, almost like chrome.  You will want to get good quality hardware and rings on your handbags.  If not, why would you be paying the extra money for genuine leather?  It would defeat the purpose of going for high quality.  Poor quality hardware will quickly fade and lose its fake luster, making a cheap product look like a cheap product rather quickly.

Major Name or Off Brand?

Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Versace, and Marc Jacobs are all quite popular, but with them comes a price tag of at least several hundreds of dollars, sometimes thousands.   If this is within your budget, more power  to you.  If not, you are likely to have to settle for something a little less expensive and reasonable.  That doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot get a good quality hobo bag.  Just look around and find the design and style you like the best, making sure you get something of decent quality.