In the early days of website building it was vital that people knew and understood HTML. HTML was the key to building a website. Eventually the evolution of technology made building your own website much easier. Many people used Geocities to build their own website or a program such as FrontPage. Unfortunately none of the website builders would work to make proper code.

FrontPage was very popular yet it would add in and bloat code for no apparent reason. Obviously coding your own website from scratch and using a program such as Ace HTML was the preferred way to build your own site. The problem with programming in HTML is that there was a steep learning curve. You first had to learn HTML and then you had to learn how to implement it into a functional website. The confusion and learning curve of Hyper Text Mark-up Language helped to make GeoCities very popular. GeoCities was much easier for beginners to make a website with. In many ways, you could consider GeoCities one of the original websites that helped to encourage socializing. This socializing aspect eventually evolved with websites such as Facebook that we use today.

Today we have the benefit of having multiple advancements in web technology, but these advancements are also easier to implement into a function webpage. We can use WordPress to power numerous types of websites. The WordPress platform is easy to use and the learning curve is very short. The power of WordPress and the popularity of it is truly astounding. Many people rely on WordPress to use for their own website.

Sometimes a company will need a professional implementation of a new website or they will need a backend technological feature that can only be implemented by professional website builders. Orange County Web Developers and other professional web design companies are able to not only build a unique website, but these companies can also ensure you get a fast loading website and even implement an SEO strategy.

The Orange County Software Developers community is huge, especially when you consider this is just One County in California. When you look at how many web developers there are throughout the Word it is literally astounding.

Sometimes you need to hire a professional web devilment company. Even if you have used WordPress to start your own website you may be able to find that you need improvements made to your website to make it look more professional and not look like every other stock themed WordPress theme.

There are countless content management software set-ups available to use today. Although the vast majority of new websites seem to be built with WordPress, Drupal, and other similar systems, I will always have a fond spot in my heart for the Geocities website. It was cheesy, it was tacky, but we thought it was cool back in the day.


Many people do not realize that GeoCities is still available to people to build a website in Japan. For some reason GeoCities is still able to be used by the Japanese but nowhere else in the World. I find this funny because the Japanese are normally thought of being a very technologically advanced Country. GeoCities is definitely not a technologically advanced website creator.

Yahoo bought GeoCities and then destroyed it in 2009 when they removed the website. Yahoo was stupid to do that. The amount of content that was being created and ranking using GeoCities was amazing. Yahoo was getting countless page views from people visiting from search engines. It was really sad when they yanked the service. Of course this just goes to show that you should not always rely on a third party service for your website. You are much better off to host your own website on your own domain.

Many people do not realize that GeoCities was started in 1995 and was called BHI. BHI stood for Beverly Hills Internet. BHI was one of many Orange County Web Developers and Internet access companies that were beginning to emerge as the popularity of the Internet was beginning to grow at an astronomical rate.

At one point GeoCities was the third most visited website in the World. GeoCities was even a public company selling stock on the NASDAQ. The only websites that ranked higher than GeoCities was AOL and Yahoo. GeoCities was huge. Eventually Yahoo bought GeoCities.

The Down Fall of GeoCities

GeoCities began to immediately go downhill after Yahoo bought then. New terms of service were released and the users of GeoCities hated them. Avid users of GeoCities not deposed the Yahoo purchase of GeoCities, but they also began to avoid using Yahoo because they were so upset with the company. Countless users of GeoCities began to look for other places to build and host their own website. If GeoCities had never been bought out by Yahoo and GeoCities continue to evolve their technology then they could have possible still been one of the top websites in the World.

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