George Benson the Legendary Jazz Guitarist and Musician

George Benson, Musician, Jazz Guitarist

George Benson is a musician who has performed with artist as varied as Miles Davis to Carlos Santana. This Jazz guitarist became known for his touch, tone and sense of rhythm. His multi-decade career has seen growth and change allowing his survival even in changing times. George would further earn a staggering ten Grammy awards as well as several firsts as a musician. He even had the first platinum Jazz album in history. These accomplishments as a guitarist and singer have since been unmatched.

Early beginnings

George Benson began his career as a musician early. Playing the ukulele in a drug store it was not long before he established himself as a Jazz guitarist. He then spent many years refining his technique for instrumental composition and expanding his approach as a singer. This included extensive work with noted organist Jack McDuff. Many early years of training paid off as his skills soon exceeded most musicians. 


George Benson would go on to experience a wide level of success few could have expected. While Jazz musicians would expect to sell 50-60,000 records per recording his guitar slinging resulted in an unprecedented platinum album with sales of over one million. No other artist had ever achieved this feat within his genre. Classics such as Breezin and Masquerade would become standards which are still widely performed and covered to this day. Among jazz albums these works are still among the most successful ever made.


George Benson still tours to this day. His thrilling guitar playing and touch results in a live experience that few can match. Despite his age he has always fought to keep up a high energy level and to truly entertain an audience. Even with his unprecedented 10 Grammy wins he continues to push ahead with even more recordings. George Benson is a forward thinking musician who has never let up and always pushed himself to progress further.