George Carlin On The Truth About Government

George Carlin

Legend Of A Mind: George Carlin

The late George Denis Patrick Carlin may have been known the world over as a terrific comedian, but he was much more than that, for no man or woman can be a great comedian without having a great mind for analysis.  Only a great analytical capacity can allow a mind to see humor in things the rest of us may have missed, and present those things in a way to where we're overcome with laughter.  Of course one of the bigger parts of humor is surprise, and one can't be surprised by something which is obvious; and so an analytical mind is superior towards creating and presenting comedy, and also towards seeing the world as it truly is.

No doubt, George Carlin was just that sort of mind.  George had much to say on the illusory nature of our world, and how lots of the things we think of as solid are not so solid, but rather a lot more misty.  Government, the nature of government, and government's presumed authority over the rest of us was forever a target of George Carlin's, and in this day and age it is perhaps ever the more important the common man finally analyze the world around him, and realize government is the least solid thing in his life which presumes authority over him.  George would agree.  George knew.

Global Warming Is Probably A Myth, Global Cooling May Not Be One

Global Cooling

Is Al Gore An Idiot? No Probably Not, He's More A Charlatan Counting On YOU Being An Idiot

I thought it hilarious the day I saw a man going on and on about how the world would have been better had Al Gore been elected President instead of George W. Bush.  For as clown-like a man as "Dubya" was and sometimes is, Al Gore and only Al Gore could have been a worse president unless we'd have elected Obama eight or even four years earlier.  Al Gore, the man determined to sell the world on "global warming" has been lambasted and made fun of so very thoroughly, and so very righteously that it's just almost been enough, but let's be honest, we want to see Al belittled even more.  

No, environmentalism, my friends, is no joke. Nothing is more important to us than the environment, as we've got exactly one planet to live on, and our rampant cyclical consumption of nonsense is a human value which is in direct opposition to the valuing of our only home. The joke is Al Gore, and his carbon tax plan, and how literally everything he'd used as major talking points was completely false.  There is no "global warming," and wasn't it cute how he and others changed the entire agenda's name to "climate change?"  I thought it was very cute, and the facts there may be more a global cooling[1] than warming is one of the things which makes Al Gore as manbearpig[2] all the more hilarious.

Nobody is saying here that polar bears aren't important.  Thing is, with the big trend towards global cooling, and the absolute fact the coldest temperature ever recorded was recorded here in 2013, and the fact that polar bear populations are on the rise[3], it's just that Al Gore is revealed as an idiot, carbon taxes as tyranny, and George Carlin is surely smiling from the grave.

I don't believe anything the government tells me

George Carlin And Environmentalism

You've got to love these people who forever want the government to do something about this, that, or the other.  You have to love them because they're not really smart enough to be angry with.  By wanting "the government" to do something about some problem or another, the person is essentially saying they themselves intend to do nothing, change nothing, and extend no effort at all in any direction towards solving any problem anywhere because that is what the government is supposed to do.

"Save the bees, save the trees, save the whales, save those snails!"

Now it is indeed a fine thing to care about the Earth and it's other inhabitants, and by "other," of course, I do mean the other humans, and the other creatures as well.  Everything is very connected; but it would be difficult to find many persons who when asked the significance of bees to their own lives who'd have a cogent answer.  Yes, the failures of bee hives across the world is a frightening thing[4], and the fingers are pointing in all directions; and everyone wants their government to do something about it because for the most part, the individuals plan to just keep on doing whatever they want to do so long as they can get away with doing it.

I'm reasonably certain the decimated bee colonies are something with some very complex explanations.  I'm also certain the lives of us all depend on figuring it out.  What's sad, and also true is - probably no one is willing to give up the use of their cell phones, even where there good evidence that cell phone towers [5]and usage plays a huge part in decimated bee colonies, and thus, the lives of humans on Earth being in jeopardy for it all.

George Carlin is not saying the loss of bees or anything else isn't detrimental to humans, he's plainly stating that humans are simply another species, the one species so screwed in the head that it thinks itself more important than the sum total of the rest.  It's amazing arrogance one must have to be so wealthy to get to worry about bees.  The persons who are not responsible for the loss of bees or rhinos, or elephants are the persons who're probably culpable for those things to begin with.  Carlin calls it "unenlightened self interest," and that is exactly what it is.

Earthquakes, plate tectonics, solar flares, sun spots, magnetic storms, magnetic reversal of the poles, comets, asteroids, meteors bombard the Earth since the very beginning, and Homo sapiens think they're a threat to the planet Earth?  Let's not forget worldwide floods, fires, ice ages; and yet life still exists here, but the common environmentalist wants someone somewhere in government to DO SOMETHING about it, and then they go off to purchase a Prius, sold to them as some sort of environmental saving machine, and all the while, the very opposite is true[6].  Peace prize for Obama, anyone?

I assure you these Prius drivers concerned about your not eating enough tofu are the exact sorts of the herd to be culled.  Oh they support higher taxes for all, and then simply ignore global warfare under a democratic party POTUS, despite the fact the US military is the single largest source of pollution on the planet.  These are the people, my friends, you never ever want to be. If you are going to talk the talk, then walk the walk, then buddy, you had best just get yourself a bicycle and a tent you can live in, and travel about in it.  Vegans think they have the answer, government behooves itself to forever say it has the answer, and then presume authority over your life while never addressing the issue at hand, and these super hippy rich folk think they have the answer....more taxes to pay for more war, which is more the problem than the answer.

So what is the answer?  The answer my friend is not found with government, the answer is found within you.  You have got to be the change you want to see in this world, and if you are not, you are only another hypocrite.  If you want everyone else to change, and your Prius gives you the lease on that bit of entitlement theory, you are the problem in the world, my friend.  We're all in it together, but industrialized nations [7]produce so much more of the pollution than do the most oppressed persons on Earth, the hypocrisy of US is so astounding it is, indeed, comedy, and that is where George Carlin is absolutely and always correct.  The Earth is fine, it's the people who are EFF'D!.

George Carlin, "The Planet Is FINE"