George Washington is admired by many people. We are taught at a young age how George Washington helped mold this great country of ours into the best in the world, at least according to many Citizens of our Country.

Was George Washington a great leader? Yes of course he was, but as with many men he struggled as a young man to find his way but once he did find his mission in life he was able to captivate an entire Country, not just during his life time but for ever and all of eternity.

George Washington adorns the most common denominator of paper money we use. George Washington is taught in almost biblical like ways at all schools in the United States, and even in many schools around the world. George Washington, the father of our Country and the First President we ever had, also had a quirky side

Not Elected By the People
The office of President is always voted on by citizens of our great Country. We all know that the popular vote does not necessarily mean that person will win. It comes down to the Electoral College votes. George Washington was the exception. The Continental Congress voted to have George Washington as the first President of the Untied States.

The Continental Congress was a group of voters that represented the 13 Colonies. The Continental Congress was in charge of, and delegating orders, during the Revolutionary War.

The Continental Congress did not originally organize to break off from England. The original meeting of the Continental Congress had a few members that wanted to tell England to go to Hell, but a lot of them simply wanted England to stop some of their crap. Many of the delegates simply wanted to organize an economic boycott of England to force England to give them more freedom.

George Washington was a delegate of the Continental Congress. The Continental Congress voted for him to become the Commander of the Continental Army. After the colonies successfully beat the English, George Washington was voted in as the First President of the United States by the Continental Congress.

George Washington understood the need for an effective Tax System. Taxes had to be doled out to the citizens, but it had to be in a fair and effective way. George Washington worked to help integrate a Tax system into the new country of the Untied States that, though not liked by all, was truly fair and efficient, especially when considered next to what England had been trying to do to the colonies.

George Washington is one of those names that practically everybody knows. Regardless of your race, creed, socio-economic level, sex, or age everybody knows the name George Washington.

We begin learning about George Washington in Kindergarten and then each year of school we advance, we also advance our knowledge of the great man.

The Civil war was time that split our Country into two parts. The North and the South did not get a long and we slaughtered each other. After the Civil War tensions were deep on both sides. One thing that did not change though is the esteem that both the North and the South had for George Washington and the way he helped mold our country after the Revolutionary War.

People may disagree on what exactly George Washington and the other founding fathers had in mind when they drafted the Constitution and other important documents, but one thing never changes, George Washington was a great man in American History regardless of your own political views.