The Gerald Celente 2012 prediction is not one of smiles and happy times. In fact, this renowned trend forecaster states the US will face revolutions, riots, and rebellions. For those not familiar with the man, it may be wise to take a quick look at some of his other successful forecasts, along with some reasons to believe he may be wrong, just to be fair. Then, we can dive into Gerald Celente 2012 predictions in a little more detail. Here's the scoop on the renowned seer.

Forecasting – what is this?

This is sort of like a new world analytical method to seeing the future. When Gerald Celente makes his 2012 predictions, like virtually all the other ones he's made, he's actually forecasting, not using the stars or the sky. Essentially, he looks at trends, analyzes the heck out of them and then tells us all what he thinks is going to happen. Think of it more like estimations than predictions. Gerald Celente is estimating what will happen in 2012. He is analyzing current and past trends and then estimating where they will end up in the future.

He was right!

There are quite a few accurate accounts of Gerald Celente's predictions, but we'll have to wait and see how he does with his latest about 2012. While I cannot possibly list every little forecasting success, I would like to list a small list to consider. I have tried to include some that will be relevant to older and younger readers. Here are some of the successful forecasting estimations we can look at before we dive into this particular one.

1987 stock market crash: Many looking into the Gerald Celente 2012 predictions may wish to know that they man is credited with forecasting the 1987 stock market crash well before it happened. By looking at trends that many others simply ignored, he was able to accurately describe exactly what would happen in the future.

The fall of the Soviet Union: Before Gerald Celente made 2012 predictions he was forecasting the fall of the Soviet Union. Chalk this one up as another accurate job of forecasting. He made the call before it happened.

Terrorist attacks: This was more of a broad generality than that of specific dates and exact forms of attack. The man is credited with accurately forecasting the increasing number and degree of terrorist attacks on the US. Perhaps we should look at Gerald Celente 2012 predictions with a little more favorable light?

2007 banking collapse: Long before there was talk of Gerald Celente 2012 predictions, he forecasted the issues that were about to happen in the banking industry. Seems he was able to see the future, to some extent, by forecasting trends.

What does he see?

Gerald Celente predictions for 2012, like virtually all other doomsday forecasts, are not fun and pretty. They are filled with heartache and suffering. Let's take a look at what the forecasting wizard has come up with. Here are Gerald Celente's predictions for 2012 and what they may end up meaning to you.

America will become an undeveloped nation: Gerald Celente predictions for 2012 state that America will become an undeveloped nation by the year. This seems a bit out there to me, but you never know, he wasn't wrong about many of his forecasting predictions.

Food riots: Gerald Celente predictions include those of rioting over food in 2012. Food riots have been around almost as long as humans with some form of government or rule have been. This is nothing new, but it surely doesn't mean he's wrong.

Holiday shift: This is more related to a food shortage than anything else, but Gerald Celente predictions for 2012 include stating that food will become a more valuable commodity than any presents under a Christmas tree. The end of commercialized holidays as we now know them may be near, according to the forecasting guru.

Tax riots: Again, since there has been government or any other form of rule, there have been tax riots in one form or another. Is he wrong? It's unclear just yet if the Gerald Celente predictions for 2012 have any validity.

How could he be wrong?

Simply put, Gerald Celente predictions for 2012 are purely guess work, although based on logic and data analyzing. This means he could be wrong just like anyone else. The fact that he was right before means nothing today. Let me give you an example that is somewhat relevant to Gerald Celente predictions, including those of 2012, based on chance.

I flip a coin 9 times and it lands on heads each time. The odds of a coin landing on heads 10 times in a row, if my math is correct, is 1 in 1,024. So what are the odds it will land on heads this time, after 9 flips landing on heads? The answer is 50/50 or 1 in 2. Since each flip has a 1 in 2 chance of landing on heads, the last flip falls into the 50/50 split. This doesn't mean Gerald Celente predictions for 2012 are wrong, just that past performance doesn't improve the odds of being right the next time.

The fact is, he may be right. There could very well be some food and tax riots. People riot all the time. This doesn't mean it will be common. The holiday shift has already happened for many people, just not to quite the extent he predicts. Holiday spending has been on the decline for some time.

Other seers:

Gerald Celente predictions aren't the only ones claiming doom and gloom in 2012. The Mayans, in some people's estimation, may have predicted this as well. The reality, however, is that the Mayan Long Count Calendar simply ends on December 21, 2012. There are no bold claims. In addition, Edgar Cayce, a fairly well known seer made several claims about doomsday. He did not see an extinction of man, but a new beginning. That's pretty wide open. Some say Nostradamus, like Gerald Celente, has predictions relevant to 2012. The problem is that we look at Nostradamus predictions and try to dissect what the man meant, not what he said. It's all quite confusing.

Final words:

I wouldn't quit your job and build a ground cave to live in just yet, despite the Gerald Celente predictions for 2012, but it is something to think about. There are many doomsday theories out there that are actually quite interesting to read. Some are based on science, some are based on trends, and other are based on intuition. Regardless, we don't know just yet if the Gerald Celente predictions for 2012 are wrong.

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