When choosing the right products for the care of your baby, a Gerber baby bottles guide can help you in making informed choices, especially with so many new products on the market today. Gerber products in general, particularly when it comes to foods and feeding devices, remain some of the most trusted on the market today.

The Gerber company innocently started in 1927 when Daniel and Dorothy Gerber were given advice from their pediatrician to feed their 7-month old daughter, Sally, strained food. After hand-straining for some time, they discovered that it was easier to do at the family's Fremont Canning Company. Soon after, workers began asking if they could also have some of the strained baby food for their children and hence, the Gerber company began.

Over the past 80 plus years, Gerber has been improving upon their foods and baby products related to feeding. They offer a full arrange of baby foods from infancy with formula to nutritious selections for growing toddlers.

One of their great products are the Gerber baby bottles. They have a couple different styles that you can buy which include the lines called First Essentials (Clear View and Fashion Tints), First Essentials Gentle Flow and NUK Orthodontic Wide Neck. In keeping with modern times, all of their bottles are BPA free and come in two convenient sizes for growing baby.

The First Essentials in Clear View or Fashion Tints are similar to a standard bottle. They can be purchased to hold 5 ounces or 9 ounces. They can also be bought individually or in a 3-pack. The First Essential bottles are shatter proof and sterilizer and dishwasher safe. They have ribs and holes to aid in the prevention of nipple collapse while a baby is drinking. In addition to having the Clear View or Fashion Tints, First Essentials also have bottle line called Gentle Flow. The First Essentials Gentle Flow bottles are designed specifically to prevent colic and in clinical studies have been found to in fact to prevent colic.

The other bottles that Gerber has available is the NUK Orthodontic Wide Neck. This bottle is a great option for breastfeeding mothers. Although, the name is long, the NUK Orthodontic Wide Neck bottles were designed specifically to simulate the baby's experience when breastfeeding. The NUK's innovative design is able to shape itself in a baby's mouth the same way a mother's breast feels when breast feeding. These features helps to minimize any difficulty with feeding for a baby that is being fed by breast and bottle.

The Gerber's NUK Orthodontic Wide Neck also has other benefits. Is also designed to allow your baby to have the proper fit when drinking and reinforces the tongue position. It helps with the natural oral development and healthy teeth formation. They also have the specialized NUK Air System, which is a Gerber only innovation, that vents the bottle so that air does not get trapped in the bottle.

When air gets trapped in the bottle, your baby winds up swallowing air which can wind up in your baby stomach and create gas. And as many of parents know this can make a baby colicky.