Nursing pads are a must for any breastfeeding mother, especially those with newborns. Breast-milk can leak at any moment without any warning, and it is typically at the most inconvenient time. It would only take the cry of a baby for my milk to let-down, and next thing I know, my blouse has an embarrassing wet stain.

Gerber, as you know has been in the baby business for a long time and they have a variety of Gerber Nursing Pads for you and your particular needs. I will write the features of each one and you can decide what is best for you.

Gerber Ultra-Thin disposable
This is the most economical of all the nursing pads I have looked at, and it will hold a good deal of liquid before it leaks. I love the ultra-thin design because, frankly, my breasts are large enough, and don't need any extra padding. I recommend these for light flow, not for night time use.

Gerber Premium Contoured with Leaksafe Design for heavy flow
These are great for night-time, and work better than the Gerber Ultra-Thins because of the adhesive tape that keeps them in place. Because they hold more liquid, your breasts won't be soaked and sore the next morning. These are great for women with large breasts as they will cover really well. They feel a lot like the Lansinoh disposables, but these are much cheaper. I recommend these for night-time and heavy leakage.

Gerber Reusable Nursing Pads
I do not care for these, as I have found them to leak, and actually become soaked before I even realized it. They have a few layers of tightly knit cotton next to your skin, and a poly/cotton waffle type, outer layer. I feel that the pad is too small to provide any coverage for leaks. Do not recommend this one.

All in all, I recommend the Gerber Nursing Pads because they work, and they are economical, which is very important when you have a new baby.