gerber river mateThere is an old proverb in paddling sports, which says that ropes and river don't go well. This is quite true because in the case of most of the river or white water sports most accidents occur because of this enmity between water and rope. To eliminate any problem arising from this every white-water enthusiast must possess one of the Gerber River Knives.

These are essential if you pick up the task to challenge the mighty waves of rivers that crash powerfully on rocks and boulders and thrill the hearts of many water rafters. Besides the other general requirements of rafting, diving and paddling the Gerber River knives are designed to serve every purpose for a rafter.gerber river knife

The 3.5 inches blade is made of medium carbon alloy stainless steel and polished so well as to protect it from any rust and limit corrosion. The blade is firm and fixed and blunt at the tip and sharper, serrated side on the upper side makes it even more convenient to use during rafting expeditions and cutting ropes.

The molded glass filled nylon ABS handle on these Gerber River Knives provide a good grip that won't let you down even in the strongest of waves and storms. The sheath is made up of a special toughened hard plastic which is perfect to rival the wet water world.gerber knife1 The knife can be placed in it in two ways and it has a clip that you can wear on your belt, your boots or even on your lifeguard / floatation jacket / vest.

The Gerber Legendary Blades, established on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon has priced the Gerber River Knives at around 25 dollars this is one of the cheapest river knives available in the market and comes in a convenient size of 7.73 inches with a 3.02 inches blade. It weighs around 4 to 8 ounces.

These Gerber River Knives are available in sharp serrated edges and tips or only the serrated edge and a blunt tip. The Gerber River Runner Knives are the regular river knives with only one modification, i.e. it has a sharp tip. Depending on your needs you can buy the knife of your choice.

gerber knife f2This is a knife which is less bulky and relieves most of your tension if you land yourself up in a difficult situation.


The River Shorty has a fixed blade that can be easily extracted from its sheath making it much more versatile than other folding knifes whose gear and locks get corroded and rusted and then finally stuck in your moment of need and are mostly dropped in your conflict to open it in that raging river water. This knife is much easier to pull out and hold in case of a rescue situation

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