When you're looking for a traditionally beautiful ornament style for your Christmas tree, German Christmas ornaments are among the best you can choose. They've got a long history, an old-world charm, and even a bit of mystery surrounding a surprisingly famous ornament shaped like a pickle! Here you'll learn more about these traditional ornaments, see some of the styles, and even get an idea of the prices you'll find while shopping.

German Christmas Ornaments: A Tradition Among Traditions

Santa with Reindeer German Pewter Christmas OrnamentIt's believed that the Germans were the first to ever decorate trees for the holidays. Talk about a tradition that took the world by storm. Today Christmas tree decorating is a global holiday tradition that beautifies homes for the holidays and brings families closer together. It's magical, and the decorated tree is the festive heart of any holiday-decked home.

It's more than fitting, then, that some of the most popular Christmas tree ornaments out there are German Christmas ornaments. They've got an old-world charm that makes any tree decorated with them feel extra special. If you're looking for that ornament style that helps create a traditional feeling, and yet cozy and warm Christmas, this is it. The ornaments are full of well-known holiday icons depicted as they were in generations past. For instance, you'll find classically dressed St. Nicholas ornaments, beautiful nutcracker ornaments as well-crafted as their bigger brothers, and simple ornaments featuring perfectly crafted sleighs and presents. No tree ever looks bad when decorated with these Christmas decorations. 

Nutcracker Forest German Wood Christmas OrnamentOne thing is common among most varieties of German Christmas ornaments, they are crafted using traditional materials. No plastics or lesser quality materials here. They're typically hand-crafted from wood, pewter, and glass and, more often than not, they are hand-painted. This gives these ornaments an artisanal feel, one that is very fitting for the holidays. They help make a home feel like the kind of place you want to spend all of your time during this special season. 

The German Christmas Pickle Ornament, Die Weihnachtsgurke

German Pickle Christmas OrnamentFor all of their serious beauty, there's one popular German Christmas ornament that has earned a lot of notoriety over the years. That's the German Christmas pickle, or Die Weihnachtsgurke. The legend has it that it's a German tradition to hide a pickle ornament in a Christmas tree, and the first person to find the ornament on Christmas day will have great luck for the upcoming year. As holiday traditions go, it's quirky and fun! Though, there's a lot of proof out there that the tradition's pedigree is a bit suspect. Most families in Germany are surprised to hear (often for the first time) about their pickle ornament tradition.

Still, it's a popular tradition, especially in the United States, and there are lots of varieties of pickle ornaments to bring it to your home. As said, it's quirky, and because of that, the tradition can really add some family fun to the holidays. Few ornaments can compare. 

German Christmas Ornament Prices

Edelweiss Heart German Pewter Christmas Tree OrnamentAs many of these ornaments are hand-crafted and made from quality materials, the prices are slightly more than plastic ornaments, but definitely not out of line. You can find many styles between $10 and $20, including the infamous pickle ornaments. Some German ornaments top $20, and these will be of the highest quality and artistry.

German Christmas ornaments are special. They're very collectible ornaments that can normally be found at a decent price, so don't be surprised if you find yourself wanting a few more year after year. They are a great way to give your Christmas tree that cozy old-world feel that many people seek during the holidays.