Black and White Cookies

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This is one of my favorite receipes form Germany, where I grew up. When my Mom sent it to me, I thought at first we don't have it in the US - then I found the cookies in the local supermarket. However, the better when we can do them ourselves and don't need to buy them!


3.5 oz butter

3.5 oz sugar

1 package vanilla sugar

2 eggs

1 pinch of salt

1 package vanilla pudding

3 tbsp. milk

9 oz flour

3 tsp. baking powder (aluminum free)

To do:

Mix everything and use an ice cream scoop (or two table spoons) to place little heaps of the dough onto a baking tray (either greased or covered with baking paper). The dough should be quite solid or the heaps won't stay put. You canadjust by adding more flour or milk.

Bake them for ca. 18 minutes at 160 °C. After 10 minutes, spread them with a little milk so they don't dry out. Continue baking.

Important: for some people, baking powder with aluminum tastes like salt or soap. That's why it's beneficial to use aluminum-free powder (if you ever wondered why all of a sudden your cakes taste strange, you may have run out of baking soda and replaced it with a product that contained aluminum).


(a) Lemon

7 oz powdered sugar

3 tbsp lemon juice or water

Take the powdered sugar through a strainer and mix it with the lemon juice or water into a thick syrup.

(b) Chocolate

4 oz unsweetened dark chocolate (e.g. Girardelli)

1 tbsp oil

Break the chocolate into small pieces, place them into a dry metal bowl on top of a pot with hot (not boiling) water.

It is important that the bowl with the chocolate does not touch the water bath. Rather, you want the hot steam melt the chocolate in the bowl.

You can spread the Lemon or Chocolate frosting (or both!) onto the cookies after they have cooled down. Feel free to add almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, coconut flakes or whatever else you think would be worth trying.

Enjoy and bon apétit!

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