Looking for German Shepards for sale? If so, this article will give you some useful tips and advice to make your decision easier. Specifically, we will look at some interesting characteristics of this breed, what to bear in mind if you're buying from a shelter or a breeder, and some important things to keep in mind when choosing a German Shepard.

Let's begin by looking at what makes the German Shepard unique. Also known as an Alsation, this breed is a large dog, originally from Germany. They are herders by nature, and are notorious for their loyal and protective behavior towards their owner. They are an intelligent breed, and can become highly obedient with the right training. This is also the breed of choice for the military and police services.

Next, let's consider where you will find German Shepards for sale. One option is to buy from a shelter. The main advantage is the money that you'll save. However, it can be pot luck – personality wise. Some rescue dogs exhibit poor behavior, either due to mis-treatment or lack of crucial obedience training. Some bad behaviors may be digging, aggressive behavior, lack of house training, and more.

Buying from a breeder means you will have your new dog from a puppy, as well as possibly meeting the parents to see how they behave and interact with other dogs and people. You will also have the opportunity to train your German Shepard from a young age, which is also beneficial. The only real downside is cost – it can cost several thousand dollars for a pure breed.

Finally, let's look at some other things to keep in mind when choosing this breed. German Shepards can have many different personality types. If you want a family dog, you may want to avoid a high energy dog, for example. Also, some can be more over-protective than others.

It's important that you can provide socialization for your German Shepard, from a young age. This breed is very protective by nature, so they are naturally wary of strangers. It's important to get them familiar with people, so they don't become aggressive to strangers. This is due to their over protective behavior causing them to fear anyone new.

To summarize, this article has given you some things to bear in mind if you're interested in finding German Shepards for sale. They are a truly rewarding breed to own, but they do come with a few issues that you need to be aware of – and this article has hopefully brought these issues to light, so you can make an informed decision when you buy your next dog.