German Shepherd Puppies
Credit: West Midlands Police via Flickr

Only few canine breeds show gracefulness like of a German Shepherd. These dogs display such strength and power that may appear menacing to some, but they are actually friendly, loyal and easily trainable. They are super sharp, smart, eager to please, and very athletic. That’s why German Shepherd Training is becoming more popular with the this breed in high demand.

What you need to remember when in training a German Shepherd:

  • Although this breed is very easy to train, you would want to teach your German Shepherd as early as they’re puppies. These dogs are very smart, and able to pick up tricks right away, so it’s best to mold and develop your pets’ personality when they’re still young. It might be too difficult to train an older dog because you never know what they have been through, which may affect their future learning.

  • You don’t want your pup to be afraid of people so play with her as much as you can. In general, dogs often bite people out of fear. This canine breed is typically strong so you don’t want your puppy to bite everyone if they’re afraid. Create a schedule where you can let your dog play so that they’ll be accustomed to being around people. Buy your doggy a chew toy so that she won’t be bored, or better yet, go for long walks in the park for her to meet other dogs.

  • Don’t ever hit or yell at your dog if they have done something wrong. An abused pooch will become more aggressive when they’re adults. And it is never good to raise an aggressive adult dog as they won’t recognize you as their master. You have to establish between you and your pet that you are the leader or the “alpha”. Or else, you would be challenged by your dog in every command you give, and won’t listen to your instructions.


  • Enrol your pet in an obedience class beginning their 8th week. Training will help your pet develop cognitive abilities, and will give them something to look forward to. It is a definitely a requirement for any puppy  to undergo this training if you want the best out of your dog in the future..

  • Always feed your dog prior to her training. Dogs are reinforced with rewards, so do feed her before and after training. They’ll be able to remember their lessons well, and respond better to it if they are constantly rewarded with treats.

  • Let your doggy rest in between sessions. Don’t spend more than 20 minutes per session. Their attention span is short, and they’ll easily get tired. It is not worth training a tired puppy as they will less likely to remember anything. Make sure to be lively and happy while in training to get the best results from your dog.

German shepherd training may be much more intense and more difficult than those of the other breeds, but having your puppy undergo this is definitely something worth investing in. Make sure to participate in all training sessions, and be as engaging as you can be so that your puppy can feel your love and support.

German Shepherd Training Through Hoop
Credit: Greg Boege via Flickr

Live Demonstration

See a demo on training these intelligent canines you will be inspired

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