Germany is an historical country that is a great travel destination. There is so much to do there it is well worth the trip.The people are friendly and the food is wonderful.

On the Rhine river the medieval Castles are amazing. There are Castles that that date back over 2,000 years. They are very romantic and historical. A hotel castle at Oberwesel in the Rhine River hills is 1,000 years old. You can actually sleep in a REAL castle.

Anicent Castle

While you are visiting Germany check out the wine vineyards. Wine is grown on the hillsides of the River Rhine. The restaurant "Ratskeller" in the old city of Bermer stocks the largest selection of German wine. They have been selling wine since 1405. Germany produces mostly white wine. German wine can be found featured at fine restaurants all over the world.

Ratskeller (18529)

The most popular dish in Germany is sauage cooked with cabbage. You can also snack on bratwurst with mustard sauce. A popular dessert is Black Forrest Cake. It is a dark chocolate cake with cherries and cream filling.

Another nice place to visit is the "Black Forrest". It is famous for handmade cuckoo clocks. The forest is made up of dense fir and pine trees. They say that's why it is called the Black Forrest because it is so dark there.

Festivals are another one of the awesome fun attraction of Germany. The carnival is celebrated with the most gusto of any other country in Europe. Parades,masks,balls and the crowning of a King and Queen. There are carnival celebrations in Coogne,Duesseldorf,Mainz,Munich and Muenster. One of the most famous is Oktoberfest. It is held from the middle of September until the beginning of October. The festial open's by mayor saying"O'zapt is" which means the barrel is tapped. Many huge beer tents are set up. There are rides and plenty of food.

Firework Festivals like "Night of The Thousand Fires" are very big displays at night right on the sides of the Rhine River. The shows are held from Spring until Summer. The fireworks light up the sky and classical music is played making the display like being in Paradise for the crowd.

Castle Firework Display by Rhine River

The Christmas Markets are in the center of all the towns. Here you will find handmade gifts and decorations. There are hundreds of twinkling lights. The delightful aroma of gingerbread and mulled cider is in the air. You will never foget the market. The Christmas Market starts at the end of November.

Christmas Market (18530)