This is Sparta!

If you have seen the movie 300 you know that one of the most talked about things in the movie was the amazing physique of the actors. The Spartans are portrayed as these beastly warrior men who are ripped and in peak physical condition. Of course since this is just a movie, people flocked to the internet after seeing it to find out how they can get in shape like Gerard Butler and the actors that played the Spartan role in this film. Workouts and diets have been posted all over the internet for us to chew on, literally! This article won't post those workouts because a quick Google search yields tons of results already; instead I want to touch upon the mindset and intensity of this workout.

The battle in your mind

The first thing that people think when they search for the 300 workout is that if they work hard for a little while and eat right they'll looked ripped and totally in shape. Upon inspection of the workout, however, many people immediately give up because they think it's impossible. "How can someone do all of those things so quickly?" "I would pass out if I tried that!" "There's no way I'll ever look like that." These thoughts pass through their minds very quickly, which is why the first step towards becoming a lean mean fat burning machine is to fight the battle in your mind. If you feel in your mind that you can't do it or it's impossible, then you are a self-fulfilling prophecy. Your body only follows what your mind tells it, this is why you have to break down that first barrier in your mind if you want to get a 300 workout mentality and success.

The body

Now that you have taken the first step by conquering your mind and destroying your small thinking your next step is to get your body to react to your newly founded motivation to get a 300 style workout. You have to get the game plan down pat and have your equipment ready to go so you can go crazy and get an intense circuit training workout. The idea behind the 300 workout is to go continually fast and at an extremely intense pace so that you are always breathing heavy and your heart is continually pumping. Once you go through with the plan and feel like you are going to die you need to get proper nutrition and rest. Diets are abundant on the internet for the 300 workout style so th300 workoutCredit: won't be necessary to post, but rest is something important to touch on.

Rest and sleep are two of the most important things we can do as bodybuilders and people getting into fighting shape. If you believe that every single day you can do intense exercise without adequate rest you will suffer from overtraining and your body will shut down for you even if your mind won't. Our muscles recover and grow during sleep and rest, not in the gym contrary to what many think. Adequate nutrition and rest is key to getting your body in peak fitness condition which will enable you to look great and feel great. Don't skimp out on sleep, 8 hours a day should be standard for anyone that engages in intense activity like the 300 workout. The demand and toll it will take on your muscles will be incredible, and without rest it will cause you to get weak and prone to injury.

The image of a Spartan

If you are doing this routine often, then you will notice change quickly if your diet is in order. Some people, however, could lose their motivation if they feel like they aren't seeing results fast enough should they be doing a more intermediate or beginner version of this grueling workout and that's where motivation comes in. Take some time to imagine yourself with the body of a Spartan and how awesome it would be to walk the beaches with that toned, muscular look. Look at pictures of those six paspartanCredit: http://3.bp.blogspot.comck abs and ripped chest and imagine how if you put in the time you can also look like that. Nobody is special when it comes to looking great as all of us have the capability of looking like a Spartan if we try. Use this image in your head as a motivator to push to the next level and you will succeed. If you feel like you can't do a single rep more because you are tired think long and hard about the image you have in your mind of your goal and push. Don't let sweat or weakness slow you down; you are capable of more than you know since the mind is usually the barrier and not the body. It's amazing how much more you are able to accomplish if your mind and body line up together.

Work at it

In no time you will have attained the image in your head by looking in the mirror and seeing yourself as your saw yourself in your mind from day one. This key motivation strategy is what bodybuilders and fitness experts use to reach their goals, and this is important to keep in front of you at all times. Don't worry about what others say, what your mind says, what your body says, or what the world says; you can do it. Work at your goals, push for that next rep as hard as you can, and conquer that mountain in front of you. A mountain is only a mountain while you are at the bottom, but each step you take on that trail to go up makes it look less and less intimidating and instead more and more manageable. This is the fundamental principles of the human mind and our instincts as men to reach a goal no matter what we might see in front of us. The ripped body the 300 Spartans had isn't just for the elite; it's also for you if you push hard. They didn't get those abs and arms by just doing a few pull ups and crunches and then sitting on the couch. No the actors that played these Spartan men worked until they threw up and collapsed because they knew what they could do if they pushed to the limit. If you are capable of pushing out one more rep then go for it! It's not like if you try and fail you lose all of your progress; the worst that can happen is you just can't do the rep. If you keep this focus you will reach your goals in no time, and that is the 300 workout mindset and intensity you need in all areas of your life.