Get Your Chest Bigger And Stronger!

Who doesn't want a nice muscled chest? When it's beach time, you take off the shirt and you see all the details or when you're wearing clothes, the look of a powerful chest just makes you want to....


If you’ve ever seen a bodybuilder with a big chest you’ll notice the power and eye-attracting golden light aura that surrounds the jacked physique.

Whether you’re a girl or a guy training in the gym, don’t you want to get the most out of your training?


You’ll be wondering what secrets that results in the look of a powerful and toned chest that you admire. And the chest should be as important to girls as it is to guys.

Don’t worry; your chest won’t grow into giant muscles overnight so for women you should not worry about bulky muscles unless you’re injecting steroids (which still need a lot of time and work).

I will show you 7 ways to get your chest growing with the same, if not similar routine that you are doing now.


You’ll find people commonly stating that they know the best routine. You should be aware no program is set is stone and every person should have their own personalized exercise routine. I could just give you a routine and tell you this is the best thing that you could do and you’ll probably believe it.

Many magazines or people will come up with the next best thing for your chest training. New exercises, new supplements or even new programs, it’ll be claimed to be the best. It’s a well known fact among professional athletes and bodybuilders that there is no best routine that gets a muscle bigger.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous articles, your body adapts and it does so very quickly. If it didn’t, then our muscles wouldn’t be able to grow and we would have trouble getting stronger.

Adapting is one of the greatest things that our bodies have to offer. It lets muscles grow and recover, making it easier to do the same challenges as it faced before.

It’s better to keep your muscles confused with new challenges and techniques that will make sure real results. And you'll be showing off that chest in no time!



Time For The 7 Secrets!

In this article I will give you something better than a routine. I will introduce you to techniques and changes that you can make to your current routine that you are already using.

There is no “wrong routine” so if you are not sure about yours, change around the order of exercises or take ideas from other routines but never copy it to the exact detail as they might be more advanced or at the worst case scenario they might be taking steroids or performance enhancers that will allow them to work more and further.


It’s never a good idea to use someone else’s routine without personalizing it. You can use these techniques on any routine that you like.


Check your diet

And Meal Timing

If you are only eating one meal a day, you’re performance in the gym might be suffering. If you haven’t noticed any differences, you might just be used to it.

You should eat small meals (every 2-4 hours) that fit your daily requirements for your macros (protein, carbohydrates and fats). If you eat a high glycemic meal, your sugar level will crash causing you to feel lethargic and tired.

Go for long lasting carbohydrates (low glycemic) like oatmeal or brown rice.


These two are great examples of a slow digesting carbohydrate which will help your blood sugar stay stabilized throughout the day.

You will have a constant flow of steady energy and your glycogen stores will fill up so your muscles have a constant supply to use. Add in healthy fats like omega 3, flax seed oil or whole eggs, it will slow down the digestion of carbohydrates helping you benefit from your meals further.

Make sure you have a supply of protein as it is the building block of muscle. If you don’t have protein in your meals, even as a girl, you will not “tone” or build your muscles as much as you should be.

Give your body time to digest the food before the workout. If you start your workout with food in your stomach, all your blood will be headed to digest the food, not to your muscles where they should be going.


There are different general guidance all over the internet. As you get closer to your workout time, you should feel somewhat hungry.

If you feel that you must have something, then have a banana or something that is easily digestible. Generally for big meals like breakfast, or dinner, you should wait 3-4 hours. A small meal like a banana and oats can be consumed an hour or two before the workout.

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Your body needs to recover in order to grow.

Your muscles don’t work when they are being worked, technically they shrink and they get damaged. For moderate to intense workouts, and depending on the muscle, it usually takes 24-48 hours for your muscles to recover and longer for your central nervous system.


The bigger the muscle, the larger of a demand it is on your whole body. That’s why legs are usually placed on the last day of the week or at least 1 day off before the workout and 1-2 days off after. Your workouts shouldn’t be more than 45 to 60 minutes unless you’re training for a weight training marathon or you have superb genetics which allows you to work harder and longer than the average person.

For example Arnold Schwarzenegger was able to work out for 5-6 hours a day, for most of the week. Even with the help of steroids, genetics and body play a big part on the recovering abilities.

Follow a high protein, moderate carbohydrate and fat diet to make sure your body gets the nutrients it needs to recovery before the next session.

Pre Exhaust


This is an advanced and demanding technique that should be used sparingly or you are going to over train.

Have you ever done bench press only to realize that your shoulders are sore more than your chest or you are experiencing sore triceps but the chests don’t feel like they went through a workout? Try this pre exhaust technique and I guarantee you that your body will be in more shock than ever.

Pre exhausting basically means that you exhaust the targeted muscle (chest) in a isolation exercise before including other muscle groups in the compound exercise.

pre exhaustCredit:

Before your bench press (barbell or dumbbell), try doing chest flies either with dumbbells or the machine. Go as heavy as you’re capable of and aim for near-failure (8-12 repetitions). Without any rest (maximum 30 seconds), set yourself up for your bench press for 3-8 repetitions.

mc donaldsCredit:

The weight should already be set up and you should be aware of how much you’re capable of, but be aware that you will not be able to bench as much as before.

Do not expect to impress your gym buddies with the weight.

I can promise you that you will impress them with a big and pumped chest for days after. Check your ego at the door and you will find more results than ever.


You can do the same technique for incline, decline or flat bench for flies or bench press. Pre exhausting your chest will make sure your shoulders are not getting the workout, and your mind to muscle connection will be much better as your chest will already be exhausted.

Please do warm up on the bench press before using this technique and do not overuse it as it is very demanding on your body. You do not want to over train in the gym or you will not grow.

You should also note that you won’t need to do as many sets for chest as before. You may only need one set to fully benefit from this technique. And I don’t recommend working heavy on any targeted muscle for more than once a week.

pre exhaust


Increase Difficulty


Are you afraid of the iron? If you a woman or even a man, you will know the myth that big weights means big muscles. I don’t know who came up with the myth, a heavy meat head who weighs 300 pounds or the company who made little pink dumbbells.

We all know the myth that states high repetitions will burn the more fat. Without facts or studies, how can anyone believe them? You don’t even studies to know that a marathon runner has less muscle mass than he does with fat.

marge simpsonCredit:

That’s because fat is a preferred energy during such runs and muscle is much more used in more intense exercises. Don’t take my word for it; you can Google the images of a sprinter and marathon runner. They are both great but I would prefer to have the physique of a sprinter.

Without increasing the difficulty of your exercises, you won’t benefit from the fat loss and muscle gains. As a general guideline, you should add 1.5 to 3 pounds each week to your exercises. And for the warm ups, you should start with the lightest weight while increasing it as you get closer to your final working set(s).

This way, you’ll make sure the blood is flowing to your muscles and the nutrients are being delivered to the right places.

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Change Your Routine


Again, your body adapts very well to your workouts so you need to make sure you’re able to shock your body by changing the exercises or routine.

If you’ve been doing the same routine for months and you hit a plateau, then you should try changing something in your routine.

You do need to make sure the frequency isn’t too high and the workouts aren’t too long. In order to grow, you should aim for a few sets of compound exercises and a few of isolation exercises. If you do bench press at the beginning of your chest workout, try doing It at the end. You can also try doing flies and other chest exercises before your bench press.



The rest periods are also important, if you are taking too long of a break or too short, it will greatly affect your strength and endurance. For power lifters, it’s usually 3-5 minutes in-between sets. So if you are bench pressing, try taking a 2 minute break for maximum strength. Or if you are already taking too long of a break, change it up and try 30 to 60 seconds.

Your muscle uses energy of glycogen and creatine, if your exercises are giving you a steady workout, then you might not be making use of its creatine. It’s known that your muscle uses creatine for the first 30 seconds of exercise, and after that it’s glycogen followed by fat. So make sure you’re letting your body rest so you can take advantage of your muscle energy.

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Check Your Form

Leave The Ego At The Door


Are you a weight trainer or a chest builder? Decide now because if you are a weight lifter, you will not build the chest that you are looking for.

As a weightliftert, you will be able to brag about a big amount of weight being bench pressed because good form is not your primary concern. You’re more about mind to weight rather than the mind to muscle connection.


Fine, it is true that it’s always been about how much you can bench press but it’s also about how much you LOOK like you can bench press. If you want to get the most out of your training then check your ego at the gym entrance and perfect your form as much as possible.

Ask another friend or trainer to look at your form to see what can be fixed. For dumbbell chest flies you should imagine yourself hugging around a tree, so your elbows will be bent and push your chest out with your shoulder blades squeezed just a bit. This way, your chest gets more stimulation than your shoulders.

bench press with arnold and his buddyCredit:

You can try the pre exhaust method that I have listed in this article if you feel it more in your shoulders than your chest.

Take A Break

Not A Kit Kat

If you can’t see any progress, your weights or repetitions are at a standstill and your muscles don’t seem to be growing. Then take a break, literally. By taking a break, you are letting your joints and muscles recovering from all the damage that you’ve given them.


You will come back stronger and your motivation will be higher than ever. If you are addicted to exercising and can’t go on your day without it, than try doing the lightest weights so you don’t further over train yourself. Many professional athletes and bodybuilders have peroidization training with breaks included.

For example they might have a month where they are training at their hardest and one to two weeks where they are recovering by doing light activities. You will benefit from your breaks because you are making sure you come back with more motivation and more energy than ever.



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That's Not All Folks!


These techniques are used to optimize your routine so you will have better results. Many trainers will give you great programs and routines and you may use it for a while until you stop seeing results. The cool thing about this is that you can apply these to any routine that you like. All you have to do is use them smart and train hard.


Do make sure that you stretch (static) by holding on to something like a pole. If you do this for your chest, more nutrients and blood flow will fill up the muscles. Your flexibility will improve so it'll reduce your risk for injuries.

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