Getting a fast cash loan is simple, even with bad credit, but it's important that you know your options before applying. These types of loans are usually high interest and short term, but will get you what you need in a pinch. Everyone needs a little financial help every now and again, so don't get down on yourself for taking this route.

There are three common ways to get a fast cash loan. You can get a cash advance payday loan, an auto title loan, or get a loan from your bank. Different situations require different loans, and where you're at right now will determine which of these will be right for you. Let's take a look at each of these so you can figure out which route to take.

Fast Cash Payday Loan

The fast cash advance payday loan is the most common way to get same day cash. All you need is a job and proof of who you are to get approved. This fast cash advance loan is best when unexpected expenses hit you between paychecks and you'll have enough to cover the loan and still have money left after you get paid next. Bad credit, or good credit, it doesn't matter when it comes to these types of loans.

Cash advance payday loans aren't available in every state, but if they are in yours, there is likely one somewhere in your town. These types of bad credit fast cash loans are available online, but their rates tend to be much higher than if you went to a store for yourself.

Fast Cash Personal Loan

If your credit score is still decent, you could certainly head down to your bank and apply for a loan. Small loan amounts tend to be approved very quickly, so it's possible that you can get your money within a few hours. This type of loan is usually the best option, since unlike payday loans, banks are regulated by laws that determine the maximum interest rate they can charge. This means that you'll get a fair rate on the loan, and be able to pay it back without much stress. The terms on a bank loan are usually much longer than payday loans, and you may be able to stretch the payments out over several months.

Other Bad Credit Fast Cash Loans

Auto title loans are also available to those who have a car that's been paid off. These types of loans are very risky, but they don't care what your credit score is like, or even if you have a job. All you need is a paid off car and you can be approved for up to half of its value. The downside is that if you don't pay the loan back, they take your car. Weigh your options very carefully before signing up for this type of fast cash loan.

The fastest fast cash loan is borrowing it from someone that you know. The risks with this are also very high. If you don't pay them back, you risk damaging your relationship forever.

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