Parents with small babies or toddlers know how important it is to spend as much time as possible outside with the little ones. The fresh air gives them an appetite and helps them sleep better. Also, if you offer them an active life style, they will keep this healthy habit for their entire life. And it’s so much easier to keep a baby happy and occupied by spending time outside, then it is inside the house. Well, you and your baby also need to hydrate during all that outside time. Or you might need some caffeine to keep up with your little one. Holding a coffee cup or a bottle of water in your hand and pushing the stroller in the same time it’s hard, if not impossible. A stroller cup holder will save you from all that trouble. Most strollers come, from the manufacturer, with a stroller cup holder attached to the handle. But those holders break up easily, so at a certain point you will have to buy a new one.


 Uppa Baby Vista Stroller Cup Holder

Whenever possible, you should buy the cup holder to match the stroller. This way, you’ll enjoy comfortable walks without spilling your drink. If you chose a Vista stroller, then you need an Uppababy Vista stroller cup holder. This cup holder attaches to the stroller on both sides and has a special design that prevents spilling.  The chain-like shape moves with your beverage, so you will be able to enjoy your morning coffee in the park, with your baby, without worrying that a bump on the road will make you spill it. And you can easily fold the stroller with the cup holder on.

Graco Double Stroller Cup Holder

When you need to maneuver a large, double stroller, a cup holder it’s very important. You need both hands to push a large, heavy stroller, which means you won’t be able to carry your bottle of water or you coffee cup. A shoulder bag it’s also uncomfortable to wear when you take your babies for a walk, in a double stroller. If you bought a Graco double stroller, then you need the same type of cup holder. The Graco double stroller cup holder stays comfortably on the handle of your stroller, leaving both your hands free. You need to know that most Graco sellers can offer you the cup holder separately. You can also order a new cup holder on the Internet, at very convenient prices.


Get A Universal Stroller Cup Holder

If you are not able to find a brand cup holder for your stroller, then a universal one will do the job. A universal stroller cup holder attaches to the handle in a simple, yet effective way, helping you to take a comfortable, pleasant walk with your baby. When you are shopping for a universal cup holder for your stroller, there are some things you need to check. Make sure that the accessory is made of durable plastic and that it fixes well to the handle of the stroller.


Accessories - Stroller Cup Holder

One of the best parents accessories, a stroller cup holder helps you take great walks with your baby. For a safe, comfortable time outside with your little one, the stroller cup holder is a must. You can spend hours in the park, pushing the stroller and enjoying your coffee in the same time. There are a lot of occasions when you need to pick your baby up from the stroller, and you need a safe place to store your drink, whether it’s a bottle of water, a cup of coffee or tea.


Stroller Cup Holder Attachment 

The stroller cup holder attachment is great not only for your drink, but also for your baby or toddler’s drink. There are different types of attachments. You can get one that comes on the handle of the stroller, and you can use it for your drink or for the baby’s drink. But you can also get one that is placed in the front of the stroller, next to the child. For toddlers, that’s a very good idea: your child will have the cup in a safe place, and he or she can take a sip from time to time.