Thick Bar Training


Get a grip! You said you workout but your forearms look a bit smaller than they should be and your grip is next to nothing yet you brag about how much you bench press and deadlift. Maybe you should look into thick bar training, it's proven to be healthier and its used by bodybuilders, NFL teams and even the Special Forces!

You may have experienced the above scenoiro at one point of your life or another. In short, deadlifts is when a weighted barbell is dead on the ground waiting to be picked up by the lifter. People who do this exercise will almost always brag about how much weight they can move, though it doesn't always mean their grip is as strong as their lifts are.


Thanks to lifting straps, gloves and all these fashion accessories that you see 50% of the time in the gym, weight lifters are able to lift more weight. More weight doesn't necessarily mean anything if it's not done in proper form and it certainly won't offer all the benefits if lifter can't even lift the barbell without a special piece of accessories.

Many gym rats love to use these accessories so they can have more pride in how much weight they lift which translates to fitness forums becoming a place where a person will drag on how much weight they can lift in the gym and how easy it is. Yet, they are primarily being more of a weight lifter than a strength or body builder.

Weight lifters normally only care about how much weight they can move. Muscle tension or building strength is the last of their worries. If you are looking to gain as much benefit from your fitness program in the short and long run then you need to start gripping!

Building grip will result in 100% more strength, more muscles, and less wear and tear on the joints. Yet most gyms will encourage only forearm exercises while all the barbells and dumbbells are 1 inch thick where thick bars are at least 2.5 inches thick. Big difference right?


A strong hold on the barbell means more muscle tension. And we all know more muscle tension will result in more strength and muscle gains. Thick barbell and dumbbells will allow you to stimulate twice as much muscles as the 1 inch thick ones. When you wrap your hand around a thick barbell, your thumb has bigger grip and that will spread the muscle tension evenly across your muscles and all over your body. This means your joints won't be taking any of the tension and your rotator cuff will thank you by not being a pain!


Why aren't we all doing this training in the gym? Well recent trends in fitness are bringing up old training that was utilized by some of the best coaches and Old Strongmen like the kettlebell, clubbells and complexes!

Charles Poliquin is one of the best strength training coaches who trained over 400 olympic athletes and he recommends thick bar training as it will bring results more than ever! Grip is no longer a weak link in fitness and it becomes the strongest point.

This results in confidence when lifting your maximum lifts, and increase in focus and concentration since you need to keep gripping or the weights will drop!

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Thick Bar Training Without Buying Anything

Using Shirts!

Get A Grip For The Ultimate Results

This golden training is raising faster from it's covered dust than ever but it is an expensive option if you are going to buy the thick barbells and dumbbells. Don't you worry though, you don't have to make this an excuse and there is a cheaper way and a free way!


The most genius invention was the "FatGripz", it's basically a piece of heavy-duty plastic that goes on regular barbells and dumbbells making it into thick bars. It's portable and it can work on any piece of equipment or machines. Use this on every exercise you do, especially pressing as it will save your rotator cuff from any stress. Your joints will thank you in the short and long run. There is also "Grip4orce" which is a similar feel to "FatGripz" but are a bit cheaper.

If you want to save 40 dollars you can always wrap a towel or a shirt around your dumbbell making into as thick as you want it to be. A nice thing about this is that you can make it as thick as you want it to be.


Be careful when making the transition as your weights will drop for the first few weeks. Your muscles will be sore where you've never been sore before. This is a sign that you're getting more out of your workouts and you may also feel like it's your first time working out. As your grip improves, so will your personal records of reps and weight. The benefits are worth it when your weakest link becomes a strength!

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