Job Wanted
Credit: Google Images

After six month of job hunting, you finally have a job interview.   You head out the door only to remember you forgot the address.  You rush back into the house and grab the paper you wrote it down on and the phone rings; the employer is calling to ask if you changed your mind about interviewing.  As you look at the phone in astonishment, you realize that your interview was at 2:00pm not 4:00pm.  Welcome to the real world, this was your first impression.

            The above scenario has happened to many people on their way to getting the job they want.  By following some simple rules you can make sure this doesn’t happen to you.   If you are unemployed or just finishing your education and you don’t have a moment to waste, keep reading.  These are the steps you can take to get a job in 30 days or less.

  1. Treat job hunting like a job.  Get up early in the morning and begin your online search or pick up the classifieds and began looking for work.  You should spend at least 4 to 6 hours per day actively pursuing the next job.
  2. If you qualify-apply.  Any jobs that you find that you think you may qualify for, go ahead and apply.  Even if the job is outside of your career field you can earn some income while you continue to look for your dream job.
  3. Update and Review Your Resume.  Many job opportunities have been lost due to a poorly written resumes.  Make sure that you update your resume to include your last job and ensure there are no grammatical errors.  Do not include your salary from previous positions.  Some employees will see that information and feel that you aren’t going to accept a job that pays less than what you are accustomed to.  Try to keep the resume down to one page and list any supervisor that will give you a good reference.
  4. State A Clear Objective.  When adding your objective make sure you change it for each job.  If you are looking for a job as a front desk receptionist make sure that is clearly stated at the beginning of your resume.
  5. Use a professional email address.  Many of us have an email address that shows our wild side.  We come up with names that can make you laugh or say “huh.”  When you are looking for a job you want the potential employer to take you seriously.  So leave for your friends and use an email address that sounds professional on your resume.
  6. Prepare for the Interview.  Do research on the company that is offering you the interview.  Be able to speak intelligently about the company.  Be ready to answer any questions with confidence and show the company why they should hire you.
  7. Interview-Be On Time-Get up early and leave early.  Check to ensure that you have the correct address and the correct time.  Be at least 15 minutes early for the interview.  This is the one time that being late is not an option. 
  8. Dress in a business suit or dress.  Dress for the job you want.  If you don’t own either of the two items mentioned, put on a clean pair of slacks and a button down shirt.  For women a sensible skirt and button down shirt.  First impressions are lasting impression so put your best foot forward.
  9. Follow-Up.  Contact the employer and thank them for the interview and the opportunity.  This tells the potential employer that you want to be a serious contender for the position.

If you follow these few steps you should have a job in 30 days or less.  The economy is looking up and many employers are looking to hire.  Make sure that you are one of the people they are offering a job to.  Good Luck and Happy Hunting!