You may be in search of a student loan without a cosigner and if you are then you should be happy to hear that the majority of federal student loans don't require a cosigner and that you can typically get approved for these types of student loans even if you have no credit or bad credit. Federal student loans are different from other kinds of student financial aid in that they are insured by the government and are based off of need and not your financial status and credit. A student loan no cosigner required is essentially what you get with a federal student loan, and if you've been on the hunt for a student loan without a cosigner then these sorts of loans can really come to your rescue.

Federal student loans are indeed no cosigner student loans in that they rarely require a cosigner and most of the time the application process is really quite simple. The absolute best way to apply for these sorts of no cosigner student loans is by filling out a FAFSA application at some point right after the new year. By filling out a FAFSA application-free application for student aid, you'll automatically be making yourself eligible for virtually every kind of federal student loan that is out there, and it really cannot get much simpler than this. Once you have filled out your FAFSA, you'll typically have to wait about two to three months before you receive your award letter from you college at some point during the springtime. Within this award letter will be a listing of all the different kinds of federal aid you qualified for, and this will include the type of federal loans that won't require a cosigner.

If you see either Stafford, or Perkins loans within your award letter then you should be happy because these are the types of federal student loans that don't require a cosigner at all. Stafford loans are a federally based student loan product that can provide you with a substantial portion of the cost of attending your university, and the interest on a Stafford loan can either be subsidized or unsubsidized. The actual loan will be considered to be either a subsidized Stafford loan, or an unsubsidized Stafford loan, and if it is subsidized then you don't have to worry about the accruing interest that accumulates while you are still in school. As you progress throughout your college career you will be able to take out larger and larger Stafford loans until your senior year when you'll be eligible to receive up to 10,500 dollars in Stafford loan funding.

The Stafford loan is a no cosigner student loan that can make it easy for you to receive a significant amount of aid without having to jump through any hoops. The federal Perkins loan is very similar to the subsidized Stafford loan in that it is a no cosigner student loan that can provide you with financing at a very low interest rate without having to take into consideration your credit and other financial markers. Perkins loans are based off of your need for college funding, and by filling out a FAFSA you should have made yourself eligible to receive the Perkins loan in the same way that you made yourself eligible for the Stafford loan. Perkins loans and Stafford loans are perhaps the two best kinds of no cosigner student loans that are available today, and if you are looking for a student loan without a cosigner then you must take advantage of these types of student loans before you look anywhere else.

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