Essential amino acids are the building blocks of protein metabolism which, help to build and repair tissue and are necessary for the body to maintain optimal health and wellness. They are not able to be produced by the body therefore, the only way to obtain them is to add them through the diet and healthy nutrition.


One of the eight essential amino acids that is most widely known is called Tryptophan. This article will describe foods to add to the diet every day so that adequate amounts of tryptophan can be obtained.


The Role of Tryptophan


Tryptophan is the essential amino acid that is responsible for the body's production of niacin, melatonin and seratonin. These are hormones that assist the body's attention span and mood as well as help in regulating the wake and sleep cycles.



If you need improved sleep or would like to enhance your mood naturally, consider adding these foods to your daily diet and reduce the need for chemical enhancement drugs.





Things You Will Need


Balanced diet

Body awareness

Step 1

Tryptophan Essential Amino Acid Molecule Add daily servings of oats, whole grains and cereals for breakfast, which all contain adequate amounts of tryptophan.

Step 2

Plan a snack daily that includes bananas, cottage cheese or peanuts which will increase the amount of tryptophan that the body needs to metabolize proteins.

Step 3

Include any of the following for dinner: milk, meat, fish, eggs, soy, brown rice and most notably turkey for adequate amounts of tryptophan.

Step 4

For an after dinner snack that includes tryptophan try hummus, dates and many people's favorite snack of chocolate. Choose dark chocolate for the best health benefits which contains lower fat and higher antioxidants.

Step 5

Calculate your daily requirement of proteins according to the U.S. Academy of Sciences. They suggest .36gm of protein per pound of bodyweight daily. For example, a female weighing 125 pounds should have 45gm of protein daily for optimal health and wellness.

By paying attention to your daily diet and including several of these high in the essential amino acid tryptophan choices, you'll find your attention span increasing for more focused work and you'll also sleep more soundly improving your overall health and wellness.


Tips & Warnings

Provide the body a well balanced diet to ensure adequate amounts of all eight essential amino acids

Moderation of diet is key optimal health and wellness

Avoid overeating too much protein which puts additional strain on the liver and gastrointestinal tract.


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